Cell Phone Confusion

Updated on May 18, 2011
D.G. asks from Mansfield, TX
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I really want to upgrade to a smart phone. BUT I don't do the cell phone contracts. I am with T-Mobile and so far they have been pretty good and I like the price. So with not being on a contract the smart phones are pretty expensive. My question is if I find a used cell phone (I-phone for example) that is unlocked - could I use it for T-Mobile ? How does this work ? I am willing to purchase a used phone after checking it out and checking the ESN number to make sure it's a good number. Another option I am looking at is Virgin Mobile. Has anyone used them ? How were they ? Their monthly amounts are pretty reasonable. Does anyone have any other ideas ? I am willing to look at family plans (maybe possibly signing a contract) so that I can get the best rates for both me and my son (hubby isn't interested in a phone). Thanks for any ideas !

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answers from Chicago on

Iphones are only supported by Verizon and AT & T as far as I know. It was a big deal with Iphone was expanded to Verizon in February as it had always been only AT & T...but you can do a blackberry. T-mobile supports them.

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answers from Roanoke on

No, you're not able to use it with T-mobile. Iphones are only supported by AT&T and Verizon. I've never used Virgin Mobile before, so I'm no help there. But we switched from T-mobile a to AT&T a few years ago and were able to keep our phone numbers. We just had to activate the new phones first before deactivating the old ones.


answers from Cincinnati on

My hub & I just renewed with Verizon. We have 700 minutes to share, 500 texts, unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited data (requirement for an i-phone or most smart phones). For each phone, the unlimited data package is $30 extra per month. X2 phones is $60 bucks just for that. We end up paying about $160/month for everything. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I don't have specific experience with Virgin Mobile but all of the pay by the month carriers are on the large carriers like AT & T, T-Mobile if they're GSM; Verizon, Sprint if they're CDMA. So you shouldn't have signal issues any more than you do already. If you're not stuck on an I-Phone Sprint probably has the better package deal for a CDMA phone it includes unlimited text, talk and data for around $80.00 plus tax versus Verizon where you have to go pretty far up the package route for unlimited text. I have Verizon and I don't text all that much so I have a 250 text package which added $5 to the package of unlimited calling and data, my husband and I do Google Talk (IM) a lot more than we text.
No matter which route you go I highly recommend you have wireless in your home because connecting to your home wireless for your data is much faster than being on the cellular system no matter what they're trying to sell you at the stores or on television.


answers from Los Angeles on

If the phones require a SIM card you can easily switch phones. My carrier, Verizon, does not have SIM cards, so we have to buy a phone and activate it. We are currently upgrading our phones and data packages. Our plan will end up costing 160 a month for 1400 mins, unlimited text, free mobile to mobile, free nights and weekends, unlimited web/data, free to any 10 non verizon users (including landlines), for 2 smart phones. We also get a great discount on our bill because we are part of a corporate plan.
For great deals on phones, check out wirefly.com. We have had several people use them and got great deals on smart phones. I only have 1 friend who has virgin, but she's satisfied with it.
Hope this helps...happy shopping. =)


answers from Houston on

Do your research on the used phone like you already said to makes it's not locked. All you have to do is take it in and they will set it up and transfer your info, we've done it before a few times. I don't know anything about t-mobile!


answers from Kansas City on

Yes, you can use another carrier's unlocked phone with T-Mobile. All you will have to do is put your SIM card in the other phone and your service will be active. Be advised though that if you are on a no-contract plan bka: Even More Plus your monthly rate will increase.


answers from Las Vegas on

I would research everyone's no contract smart phone plans. If it's unlocked you shouldn't have a problem. $153 a month for verizon? Are all the smart phone plans like that? That is hella expensive to me. I know it's got good coverage but man! I had internet through virgin mobile and let's just say you couldn't pay me to use them. I had to reset and reinstall the net usb 3 times a day to use it and customer service is overseas so good luck getting through WHEN there's a problem, because there will be. My best friend has a virgin mobile phone plan and had the same problems with service, glitches, anything you name it. It's not a very good company from our experiences.


answers from Phoenix on

For our family, my husband and I and my dad share a family plan through Verizon. We have 700 minutes to share between us. It works out great for us since we don't use our cell phone a lot. We have a 500 texting for each of us and we pay $119/month.
I know some cell phones you can't use for certain wireless companies because they are only for their services...ie: if i purchased a used phone and it is a particular make, then it will only be used by that company who markets it.
I would pick a cell phone carrier, then go on their website and see if they may have used cell phones that you can purchase through a contract plan. They're usually cheaper that way.
I've only owned a cell for about 6 years now. And still don't know much about the usage of them only that I can text and call someone. LOL I'm way behind the times I know...ha ha ha...I hope this helps you some. Sorry I couldn't be of more help to ya.
We have Verizon...and they have great plans and great customer service. I would recommend them. We have had no issues with dealing with their customer service, and the only problems we've had is when we had their Razor phone. We always had problems with those phones. Now we have a Nokia which is great and have no problems with that brand of phone. :-D
Have a great night D.!



answers from Cleveland on

look into verizon. for my boyfriend and me our smartphones with unlimited data, 500 texts to anyone and unlimited mobile to mobile and 550 minutes and unlimted nights and weekends and any verizon its 153/ month



answers from Detroit on

Hi there
I have been with Virgin Mobile for about 3 years now and have never had a problem with them. I love their flexibility with their no contract plans. I get to change it to suit my current situation whenever I want to. At the moment I don't use my phone to talk a lot so I am on a plan which gives me 300 anytime minutes, plus unlimited text, email, data and web, for $25 a month. This is perfect for me because I text a lot and can still check my email/facebook/ bank accounts etc on the go.
If you want unlimited everything it is only $60 a month, or $40 a month for 1200 minutes plus unlimited everything else. I think for a smart phone you have to add $10 a month to that cost, but it is still a deal and without any contract tying you down.
The network that Virgin uses is the Sprint network so the coverage is awesome too.

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