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Updated on November 12, 2013
E.T. asks from Euless, TX
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Our daughter has a basic to-go cell phone that allows her to make calls and texts. We just add time/minutes as needed. We're wanting to get her something a little fancier that she can possibly download apps to but don't want to pay for data. Kind of like an ipod touch but one that she can make calls with. Does anyone know of a good one that uses the "to-go" plan but not with a monthly fee? We're trying to hold off adding her to our plan as long as possible because that would add an additional $25 a month and we don't spend that now adding minutes/time. Does such a thing exist?


To clarify - just like the ipod touch uses Wifi to download apps, that's what I would like too for a phone.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't think what you are looking for exists.

My niece uses her iPod touch to text using an app, and she uses Facetime or Skype to talk. I think that is the closest you will get.

(And FWIW, I don't think that Isnthisfun's advice will work. You can't get an old iPhone and add it as a non-smart phone to a plan. Your phone service will automatically recognize that it is an iPhone, and you will automatically get billed for the minimum smart-phone data plan. I learned this the hard way. I got a phone, turned off the data, then put in my sim card. On my first bill, I got the data plan charge. I called to complain because I hadn't use a single byte of data and they said too bad. You have a smart phone, you pay for the data package even if you don't use it.)

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answers from Honolulu on

Go to your cell phone provider and ask them.

In order to have a cell phone, that does what you want, you need a data plan. To go on the internet and to be used like an iPhone.
And in order to have a phone that is like an iPhone... you need to then buy her an appropriate phone which then can be used, that way.
A basic phone, is not for that purpose.

OR... what many parents I know do is:
Their kid has a basic phone, to use per their rules. It is a "Go" phone.
THEN... for their kid to also be able to play apps and games and download things, their kid ALSO has an iTouch.
That way, you do not have to have a cell phone data plan and pay more for your cell phone plan.
And then, because their kid has a basic phone, and then a separate iTouch to use, their kids' phone use, is more controlled and appropriate etc.
Also, many parents I know do not want to get their kid an iPhone type phone because it is more expensive to add it to your existing phone plan, and also because, they don't want their kid to have those things on their phone. Many kids I know who have iPhone type phones... their parents don't even know what their kid does on it nor what kind of accounts/social media they signed up for.
If you just want your child to be able to download apps and play apps/games... then just get her an iTouch.
And keep her phone as a basic "go" phone.

Or you just have to buy your kid an iPhone or Android and be willing to pay more for a data plan, and then your kid can do both, on it.

My daughter has an AT&T "Go" phone.
A basic phone.
She is in middle school. There is no way she needs an iPhone like cell phone.
Then, she also has an iTouch... to use at home... to play apps etc. and do texting with her friends who also have an iTouch. But my daughter can only use her iTouch, at home... with our Wifi, which is set up to use on our home network.
And her iTouch, was one which was a hand me down, from my Husband. Then, recently my daughter got the new iTouch model. BUT she paid for it herself, saving her money.
And using it is per our rules.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We don't pay anything for data. We just load stuff when kids can get online with our free wireless internet at home. It's not too hard.

IF you have to purchase a data plan then do it for a month and have them download every free game they might like to play. Then shut off the charge/data.

Otherwise go with something that is all inclusive such as those phones from Walmart. I think you can get plans for as little as $9.95 per month.

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answers from Portland on

I'm confused. You want to download aps but you don't want to be connected to the Internet? So where would you get the aps to download.
I have seen Go phones with aps at Fred Meyer but I'm pretty sure the phone is connected tk the Internet. Check at any store that has an electronics department or at Radio Shack.

After your clarification I'm almost sure that the phones I saw fit your description. One brand is Go Phone.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I'd think you'd have to maybe buy a used iphone. And just turn it on with only the minutes for text/talk. If you buy one (not get a new one that requires a data pkg due to the reduced cost of the phone for a 2 yr service agreement) and add it as a non-smart phone, you should be able to have what you are looking for. Otherwise, sounds like your only option (as far as I am aware) would be to give her an ipod in addition to her non-smart phone.



answers from Dallas on

Another option instead of an Ipod(because those are up to $300 to buy one depending on what GB you get) would be to purchase a cheap tablet. I saw one on groupon for $74.99. And she uses wi-fi to play games and download apps. My 11 yr old does not have a cell phone yet but she has had an Ipod touch, but she has outgrown that and now uses her tablet for everything, especially helps her with her school work. My hubby and I use Virgin Mobile and pay $90/mo total for our plans. To add my daughter would be $35/mo. But that is 300 mins. and unlimited text & web. So to add her for only $25 isn't bad!

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