Celebrating My Daughter's 5Th Birthday.

Updated on June 15, 2009
A.K. asks from Broken Arrow, OK
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OK, My daughter is turning 5 next month and I've really been weighing options for celebrating. Well we decided we're gonna do the little generic family celebration with cake and gifts. But for the main celebration my best friend and I are going to take our girls (they are best friends too and only 2 months apart) to a lake cabin for 2 days and 1 night. My lil girl has 3 brothers and is the only girl so I thought a weekend with no boys and mommy to herself would be a great time for her. My question is, what type of things should we do with the girls?? I know the obvious makeover session is a must, but that only take a couple of hours. What are some other ideas for things we can do on a tight budget staying inside? You ladies always come up with the best ideas for things like this, so I thought I'd start here first. Thank you in advance!!!

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answers from Huntsville on

I know at the Dollar General my daughter and I love to get the kits that we can make beaded jewelery with. The bracelets and necklaces we can make are a HIT!!!. They have like 6 or 8 strings and your options are endless!!!! They are $5.00 or on clearance for $2.50. We wear and share :) It's a lot of fun for both of us!!! We come up with fun and pretty patterns!! Another thing @ Dollar General that is fun are those felt and marker drawings, they have many themes to choose from and come with the makers...they range anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 a piece. Also just grab some notebooks, maybe $.50 cents a piece and boxes of crayon for $.50 to $1.00 and have everyone draw pictures (even silly ones) of the party or their friends and family and do a Share and Tell!! Music is also a hit at our house my youngens do a "Dance Out" we put on the tunes and they get fun and dance!!! Gets them exercise and wears them out for the (wind down) of the evening :) After a big dance and giggles, a small snack and glasss of milk... Time for beddie beddie night night! Have fun and enjoy, The innocence of a child shall never be forgotten:)



answers from Baton Rouge on

Wow, what great ideas. I would suggest you make a book titled 'THIS IS YOUR LIFE'
Put copies of birth certificate etc along with pictures.
With the pictures, and documents, make sure to write a full description, dates, etc.
When she gets married or leaves to make her way in life, present the book to her.

No child spends enough time with their parents.
If it were possible, I would make sure that I would take my daughters to lunch only with me at least once a month.
I think their mother should do the same.

God Bless



answers from Birmingham on

My best friend's mother always use to let us decorate a cake. She would let us use a piping bag and and all the different nozzles - we did this every year from the age of about 6 until we were about 20. We decorated the cake then our hands and arms. We had so much fun - it was messy and sticky but I still remember the fun we had.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Take along puzzles, crayons, games, books, whatever SHE likes to do, that it's hard to find time to do with her at home. I know how hard it is to find time to play with one kid at a time, when there's a good-sized pack, and everything else to get done in a day! :)

Do you have a digital camera? Or even a disposable camera? You could take some walks around the lake and take pictures. Prepare a little scrapbook to put the shots in when you get home. Scrapbooks are LOTS of fun, and can be really cheap. Use a cheap binder, plain paper, crayons, markers, pens, stickers, even pages and pictures from old magazines or junk mail can make great decorations!

If the cabin has a kitchen, what about teaching her to bake or cook a favorite meal. I was five when I learned to bake cookies (with help, obviously), and to "cook" a pbj lunch. That's also when dad taught me to use the cheese slicer (the kind with the roller and little wire that shouldn't be stretched by little children? Yeah. That.).

With a friend along, you won't have to be entertaining every minute. Mostly, just knowing you were there, you took her, you loved her enough to give her her own space to celebrate will mean the world to her.

What a fantastic birthday present! Have a great trip!



answers from Tulsa on

I would brings lots of books, craft ideas, and movies if there is a way to see them. I would also take along some broad games. I would plan talk to talk with your daughters about anything they would like to talk about.



answers from Huntsville on

Girl time at a cabin sounds like a great birthday! Here are some ideas that I hope you'll try: let the girls bake & decorate a special birthday cake, art supplies along with flowers, leaves, etc. can make a fun work of art(I did this with my stepdaughter when she was about 6. We framed it and she kept it for about 7 years), bead kits are cheap but a fun and easy way to make mom/daughter 'jewelry'. Plus, a digital camera would make a great gift so she can take pictures of her trip and later put in a scrapbook which you could make together. Walmart & Target sell digital cameras for ages 5 and up. Also, take along your daughter's baby book/photo album and show her just how much she's grown and changed. A mom can share memories and special moments with her child that no one else can. If a campfire is an option, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows is a special treat because you don't have the opportunity to do it very often. But don't forget a couple dvds and the popcorn. Have a wonderful time and let us know how it goes!



answers from Mobile on

Why don't you take them hiking, fishing, exploring. Put together a wilderness scavenger hunt. Bring some bikes and go on an adventure. Just because they are girls, doesn't mean they can't go outside and get dirty.

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