Updated on June 29, 2015
S.T. asks from Sharpsburg, MD
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omg, between the ACA decision and now the gay marriage ruling, i'm positively giddy! what a great week for forward thinking positive energy optimistic americans!
i've been moved to tears time and time again today.
what are you doing to mark this historic occasion? what will tell your grandkids about it?
:) khairete

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So What Happened?

i'm so pleased to see that the vast majority, save the predictable vitriol and a couple of surprises, are feeling the joy. i love that those who oppose gay marriage are struggling more and more to justify their prejudice. if leviticus is your only reason, you're a hypocrite, plain and simple.
as for the ACA, we're one of the ones who are paying considerably more. it's less about obamacare itself than the 'market correction' bullshit the insurance companies, who are the real villains, are implementing to protect their ghastly profit margins. i'll be so glad when we work our way through the necessary steps of change and get universal health care, but this is our start, vestigial though it be.
we don't love paying more. at all. but when i balance our situation against the dozens and dozens of people, just the ones i know personally, and the millions i don't, who now have some semblance of health coverage that they never did before, we can handle it. and most of the people now paying more are just like us, it hurts but it's doable, and all for the greater good.
and yeah, there IS a significant segment of the population for whom it's been devastating. there is no perfect answer. there never has been. somebody always takes it up the wazoo, and it sucks, and i'm sorry it's a truism. but again, in the balance of things which is how it has to be viewed, the few who are *genuinely* in a worse state and not just disgruntled about it are far, far fewer than the vast number of people who have benefited.
and all of us will benefit more as it continues to be streamlined and made better.
as for the question about 'why do people come here from canada?', that one's pretty easy. under universal health care you have to wait for certain procedures (no system is perfect), and those who have the money to jump to the head of the line do so. and under a medical system where capitalism is king, there are plenty willing to take that money. it's not an indication that our health care is superior. in fact, there are plenty of indications that US healthcare is pretty sucky. it's embarrassing, really.
but we can fix that too.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I am so happy too! What a great time. I wish I had been with the crowds celebrating that I saw on the news last night.

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answers from Detroit on

I think it is a sad day. The majority of married couples are hetero. The term marriage should be left to refer to their uinion.

I understand being happy for gays. I believe that gays should be afforded the same rights as heteros in terms of the benefits of marriage. I have no issue with that. Just don't call it a marriage. Now, it opens up the door for other types of "marriages" such as polygamy. Why do we have to stop at just marrying two people?

Somewhere in the long run, "marriage" will lose its validity. I don't know. Maybe that's a good thing since it seems that religion and morals are becoming a thing of the past now.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm surprised it took so long. Gay marriage has been legal here in Canada for ten years already.

From what I see your president is bringing your country into line with the countries with the highest standards of living. I can't understand why anyone would want to resist having a higher standard of living. Canada has had socialized health care since 1946 and gay marriage since 2005, and we have not gone to hell in a hand basket. Just a higher standard of living.

ETA: Seriously, Osohapi, are you really going to trot out the teachings of Leviticus? Should your government then ban all polyester/cotton blends and not allow farmers to grow two different crops in one field? Maybe you should shut down the pork industry and get rid of all the Red Lobsters while you're at it! As a Christian I am appalled that anyone claiming to be a Christian would deny such a basic human right.

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answers from Seattle on

Gramma, you have no right to judge the hate and violence I have gone though as a gay women unless you have lived in my shoes. Don't tell me that I don't have it so bad. I have been stalked to the point I've been unable to leave my house because the stalker was sitting right outside my house. This same stalker raped me and beat me to the point I was in ICU for two weeks. He was charged with a hate crime. I was afraid to go home because he might do it again.

I have been fired from jobs for no other reason than my sexuality. My boss shave called me into their offices at literally told me "I'm firing you because you are gay. Now get lost." That makes it very difficult to get a job again, especially when in the interview, they want to know why I left my last job.

I have been called, without provocation, a child molester, just because I'm gay. You call that easy going? I don't think so. Just because I am gay does not make me someone who hurts kids.

I for one,am glad for the court ruling. Perhaps, just perhaps,it will start to chip away at some of the hate, intolerance and misconceptions people on tho board, and elsewhere have. Sorry if I sound angry, I am rejoicing the ruling, but I cannot tolerate misconceptions like those Gamma make. She ha not experienced what have, and I am not the exception. Hate crime against my community are more common that I think she wants to believe. She is not the full authority.

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answers from San Francisco on

I will tell my grandkids, "Can you believe there was a time when your two dads weren't allowed to marry and were considered sinners by some really ignorant people?"

I've gotta say, one of the things I love most about being a teacher is that this generation of kids are the most loving, tolerant group of people. They readily accept people of all persuasions. The times they are a changin', despite the old guard who fearfully cling to their hateful, intolerant rhetoric.

ETA: I think Gamma's trying to say that once change happens, that change does become 'normal' to people over time, and I agree with that. The only flaw in your argument, Gamma, is that you cannot argue that a certain segment of society is no longer being discriminated against unless you yourself are a member of that segment. If African Americans still say they are being discriminated against, we must take them at their word. If we are white or some other race, we don't know what it's truly like to walk in their shoes.

Oh jeez, Osohapi, get over yourself. Some people don't believe in your Bible. In fact, the majority of the people in the world don't adhere to it. And many do adhere to it and still manage to separate the teachings that are good and loving from those that are discriminatory and hateful. It's so interesting the way some people love to celebrate hatred.

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answers from Washington DC on

I've been moved to tears this week too...but not for the same reason as you.

I'm am SICKENED by the lengths liberals have gone to socialize our country.

I'm not celebrating anything. The SCOTUS should NOT have ruled on marriage. It had NOTHING to do with the Constitution. It was a State issue.

0bama(doesn't)care? Thanks for costing us BILLIONS and not HELPING the people...do you NOT see the hypocrisy in the ruling or the "subsidy"??? Are liberals THAT ignorant and blind?? 0bama(doesn't)care is SUPPOSED to be "affordable" - however 6 MILLION people lost their policies that 0bama PROMISED they could keep (he lied) so they had to pay MORE for policies they do NOT like. Oh and the "subsidy" - if it's SO AFFORDABLE???! WHY THE F**K do you need a subsidy??

I will tell my kids the truth the US has gone BAT SH*T crazy and liberals are making it impossible to succeed. I will tell my kids that liberals can't take care of themselves or their own behavior - so they need the government to do it for them....God FORBID anyone have accountability or self-control...it's NEVER their fault or responsibility....SMH....this country is going to he$$ in a hand-basket - this is MY OPINION.

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answers from Boston on

I can't believe this is even something that the government had to decide. I've loved watching the good christians on fb spew hateful rants. So I guess your cristian kindness and acceptance of others ends when people decide things you don't like?

And to those who quote the whole abomination rant? There are a lot of things that are an abomination in the bible. Mixing fabrics is an abomination. Women wearing men's clothing and vice versa is an abomination. Lying lips are an abomination.

Personally I find anyone who thinks their religious beliefs trumps someone else's legal rights is an abomination.

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answers from New York on

Oh Wild Woman - I'm sorry that you feel that way.

The upholding of gay marriage is fantastic. For those who say that marriage is a religious institution that should have not been touched, well that went out the window when benefits were being given to married couples and not to unmarried ones, especially when many of the unmarried ones were legally barred from getting married to the person they love simply because they were born gay. I'm proud that I'm raising my children in such a way that when they hear someone is gay it doesn't raise even an eyebrow. Two men or two women marrying does nothing to undermine my own marriage to my husband.

As for the ACA, I know many people that it directly helped. The Pre-existing condition coverage is huge. Yes there are flaws that need to be worked out, but someone had to take the first step in reforming a broken system that was in the grips of huge corporations.

In fact, liberals aren't who people should be afraid of. It's big business out for profits. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer - the middle-class is disappearing right before our eyes.

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answers from Austin on

Well I think yesterday was one of the most exciting days for this country in a long time.

I concur that the ACA needs some rework. There are gaps, unanticipated, problems and some people are not being served because of the cost. But if you do not contact the system, no one is going to be able to fix this. Contact your Senator so they can work on it or pass on the information. Over all, it is working for most people. At least it is a start, more than we had before. Speak up, not out..

The approval of Gay marriage is really Awesome. I have to laugh at the ignorance of some people. They think marriage is under attack, and yet how many of you know divorced straight people? Straight people that have stated they will never marry, but have children with multiple partners, Multiple marriage and call themselves Conservatives with family values.

And yet some of these gay couples have been together for decades. The reason the SCOTUS had to step in is because there were some states, yes Texas, where there was no way the Governors would allow it to pass, The Governors of this state, seem to believe they actually rule the state. They heavy handed hold down anything they do not want to be discussed in the State Capitol.

And so yesterday was a giant splash of water to wake them up. To let them know this is a new century and we are smart enough to know, gay people are born that way. They can be faithful as much as straight married couples, in many instances, the ones that want to marry, even more committed to each other because it has been denied them all of these years.

My husbands grandfather died at 103 years old. He embraced change. He put aside his fears and instead dug into what he did not understand. Sure sometimes he did not approve, but he did not deny others rights.

I never heard him say this "Country is going to hell." Instead he said, "well I do not agree with that. But will be interested to see how that works out." But he never voted against a persons rights.

It is time to realize, our children and grandchildren are more educated, more accepting. They hopefully have been raised not to see color, to instead see the person. They are learning, we are allowed to love who we love and not be ashamed. Not have to fear that they will not be treated like others. They understand history means the past, we do not hold onto it to stop progress instead we learn about it and do better for the future.

And to top it off yesterdays excitement, Our President gave an eloquent Eulogy and then sang "Amazing Grace"!

I cannot recall a President ever doing anything like that in our history. It was so touching, I wept. Here is this man, that is mixed race, raised by his mother and beloved grandmother, who worked so hard. Who LOVES this country and is so intelligent. He has been disrespected like no other President has ever been treated and yet, he stands with dignity and does not give up on OUR country.

People say he hates America? I think they need to check themselves.
Yesterday gave me hope, that maybe there is some darn sense left in this country.

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answers from Erie on

I love that this is making conservatives crazy. I love that they are so mad they're spitting vitriol all over the web about it. Shows their true colors. Face it, anti -progressives, you lost these battles, reason has and love prevailed. And I get to stay insured and not argue your misinformed points with you anymore!

Enough with the bible reasoning. It's a logical fallacy, We are a country with various religious beliefs and MY religion has been performing same sex marriages for long time. It's about time these marriages were recognized by the state. We're not listening to you because you sound intolerant and crazy and your definition of marriage doesn't agree with ours. This is a civil matter, so just stop it.

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answers from San Francisco on

I will be at the Gay Pride Parade in SF with my cousin, my sister and my son. I will be thinking of all my gay friends, including those who are no longer with us. I will be thinking of all the phenomenal gay folks who have given this world so much. People like Sally Ride, Harvey Milk, Alan Turing, Michelangelo, Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Whitman, James Baldwin and many, many more. I will be thinking of the future generations of LGBTQ youth that will have much better lives because of the hard, hard work of those who came before. I will be filled with joy.

Osohapi I can cut and paste too AND I STILL FORGIVE YOU!

The inspiration and grace of God is amazing and deep. I have learned this on many occasions, including this day. And so I say to you, in case you truly do believe and say that my child, or any other gay person, is a sinner, is a perversion, if this is what you say and believe, I say this to you in all sincerity and love. I FORGIVE YOU. I have learned this grace from my fabulous, loving and generous gay son, who has been bullied and hurt and who has had teachers humiliate him by comparing gay people to rapists and pedophiles , all in the name of religious doctrine and biblical teaching, So you see, God had used my gay son as a way to teach ME to forgive, he has used my son as a way for me to learn how to respond to deeply hurtful behavior with grace and love. Is this not the greatest message Christ has given us? Love one another. God Bless You!

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answers from Reading on

Question: What does the bible say about homosexuality?
Answer: Who gives a sh!t?! Completely irrelevant, unless you are suggesting we live in a theocracy, in which case, you're dumber than I thought.
Happy straight Christian fed up with her ignorant brothers and sisters in Christ.

PS - By the way, no one cares how you "feel" about gay marriage, either. You can continue to believe it's meant to be only between one man and one woman. You can continue to feel disgust. You are completely entitled to your religious beliefs and personal nausea. No one cares. As long as it doesn't impact the rights of others.

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answers from Williamsport on

I've been so happy too!!! Such a roller coaster with tragedy of SC of course, but so encouraging for America's future. I've been reading "Don't Think of An Elephant" by Lakoff -great about how progressives can build their messages as strongly as conservatives do...it was written during the awful Bush years...and things seem so much brighter now!!!

I think with younger generations and current trends we can bid farewell to Tea Party...trying not to jinx it though by getting too relaxed :)

LOL, Wild woman, nothing socialist has even happened lately. Our healthcare system is still privatized (WHICH IS WHY IT'S STILL UNAFFORDABLE TO MANY), gay humans getting to be married has nothing to do with socialism-most severely socialist regimes are against gays, and you even have people with all the fire arms they want running around still. Why so blue? Also, what planet are you on? Do even remember what kind of shape this country was in when Bush left office? NO, I'm not blaming him for anything now, but DO YOU REMEMBER?! It was Armageddon. The only reason a black man had a shot was because Doomsday was descending. Remember? You think things are worse now? What planet?!

Osohapi. I pity you. I forgive you your Leviticus cherry picking because I have a vast family of fundamentalists who do the same thing, and you know what? They're good, loving people to their own. They're good parents and nice community members. They may not like the gays or the liberals, but they live deep in the country and will never meet any (except pesky relatives of those who married into their clan late like me who come to visit-my mom married into it). Thankfully they'll never get the chance to act hurtfully to any gays in person. It's the fundamentalists loss though to dismiss an entire chunk of the human race because of Leviticus. Believe me when I say that one day you will be a relic who younger kids point to and say. "Can you believe people used to think like that? So cruel!" they way we do now about other backwards bible stuff-of which there is A LOT of. There is no way you live your life by Leviticus I WOULD HOPE!!! I'm thankful I was raised by loving Lutherans. Our family always accepted gays without issue.

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answers from New York on

I have the privilege of taking my HS aged nephew to the NYC Pride Parade tomorrow. He came out to the family almost 2 years ago. This is a big deal for him & I am so proud of his courage & pride.

I am also definitely cementing my self as the favorite Auntie by sending him back to the West Coast having experienced this all in the middle of all the East Coast CoolNess! LOL! The whole thing is still very surreal for me, that it'll be me as the one he's experiencing all this with, it's not that I am a prude or anything, It's just that...it's just that...hmm how do I say this? I'm like the Kourtney Kardashian of our family, or so my nephew likes to remind me! (He's so right) Bwahahaha!

~We watched The President give his speech live on TV together and it was something, that's for sure.

Privileged to be here for him in this time.

--Edited to Add after I read the answers--
This forum & question is the perfect example of how difficult it is for myself at this very moment in history to try to guide my sweet nephew in the ugliness yet straight up fact about our current political and human times we are currently experiencing. Difficult waters to maneuver for sure. Not everyone likes to feel change forced upon them. We want everyone to have the right to their own opinion even if it is what we would consider ignorant. There is beauty and ugliness in this as there is in life.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We need to write thee rings down in out journals!
This is an exciting time in history to be alive.


(Gamma G., Are you serious with your response? Unbelievable.
You're questioning whether blacks today remember segregation and discrimination? Wow. I don't know which is more interesting: this response or your flag response.)

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answers from Danville on

I will tell my kids that 'uncle joe' and 'uncle jimmy' can now get married.

It will shock them, as I think they assumed that they WERE married for years. They have always been a wonderful example of what a loving supportive couple 'look' like!

Now, should they choose to marry, 'we' will help celebrate their love in an open and loving way!

ACA...I still have mixed emotions about. I, as others have mentioned, hope it is a stepping stone to meaningful healthcare reform.

Oh, and I had a nice glass of wine! I will check my mail daily for a much hoped for wedding invite!


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answers from Norfolk on

Love the Supreme Court decision!
ACA - happy about it BUT I really think it should be a stepping stone to a single payer universal health care system.
ACA is health insurance for all - not health care for all - and even being insured the out of pocket deductibles are so high even many insured people still can't afford to see a doctor.
Health insurance companies are running this show and they will milk it for all it's worth before anyone decides to rein them in.

I know a lot of people put some stock in our Puritan days.
"Puritans came to this country for religious freedom to escape religious persecution".
The thing is - they were never really AGAINST religious persecution.
They just wanted the freedom to impose a little persecution of their own - and they did!
"It seems that religion" - "is becoming a thing of the past".
Wouldn't that be nice?
But no, we'll be stuck with it for quite awhile until something else comes along to replace it.

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answers from San Francisco on

San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday baby, it doesn't get much better than that, I assure you!!!
A truly amazing time in history, I agree :-)

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answers from Chicago on

It was a big 24 hours!!!!! Hubby and I had a few drinks and then chatted about it all....

Hubby and I are giddy too! May the doors of socialism that are in every other industrial country finally come to America! It's about time we started to actually acknowledge these basic rights!

Have you seen Bernie sanders "family values" campaign? Maybe we can get everyone paid maternity leave, including daddy's. Now wouldn't that be something! And wouldnt it be great if we went back to the 40 hour work week?

This is big stuff, and it makes me hopeful we are moving in the right direction. We still have a long way to go to actually open all fhe closed minds, but maybe by slowly showing them positive change the fear-mongerers grip will be loosened. But we're on the right track!

Hucklebee just released a free book called Learn our History... It's all about how God shaped our history. The brainwashing has to stop!

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answers from Modesto on

I dont see anything to celebrate except they will have a lot of job openings to fix existing paper work and remove Mother and Father and Husband and Wife off of everything..... way to stimulate the economy.

Marriage (as we knew it) has been fading fast in our country anyway, divorce rate at over 50%.

Marriage was turned into a "business" by our government a long time ago.
The gay people will now be part of that fodder.
Fun time to be a judge in divorce court, I'm sure the cases are going to be quite interesting.

I'm guessing "Holy Matrimony" will be performed for the spiritual and "marriage" for the pagans, just as it's always been already.

Gotta love everyone, we are all sinners, no one is better than anyone else. It's a heart thing, God knows all of ours, I'm not going to judge because I'm a little messed up myself :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I think I am going to use Ohsohappi's post to illustrate why I think the Surpremes got the decision right but needlessly abused the constitution to do so. This was not an issue of state's rights or even civil rights, this was an issue of separation of church and state. It does not matter how many people in a state subscribe to the same morality they do not have the right to compel the government to enforce morality. Religion or lack of religion is the basis of morality and the government has no right to compel a moral view.

Sorry but separation of church and state does not apply to nativity scenes on state property because that does not force you to follow the religions that find that sacred. Make a law that compels you to appear to kneel and pray when you see one is a violation. In light of atheism being a moral view but not seen as a religion we need the government to recognize this distinction.

So how Ohsohappi's posts relates it clearly illustrates that the idea that same sex marriage is wrong was born of a religious view. Just because many religions hold that view and many do not doesn't change that it is in fact born of our religious decisions. So if a state that the majority believes that same sex marriage is wrong votes in a law that says it is against the law it should be struck down for the reason that is in the constitution that actually applies, we cannot have laws that restrict moral practice. Just because the majority finds it immoral doesn't mean that state can violate the constitution.

Before the bible thumpers lose their minds this protects them too. The government cannot create laws that compel people to violate their moral beliefs as well. If you don't want to bake me a cake, fine! I can't sue you but when I need cookies I won't buy them from you and I can blast you all I want as to why I won't buy cookies from you and you can't sue me for harming your business. Easy right?

For too long people were able to use the government to enforce conservative moral values, I am glad that has been put to and end but I will not sit by and let liberals get their payback. Two wrongs do not make a right. Leave the laws for real discrimination, like housing, employment, health care, things where you are actually harmed.

*steps off soapbox*

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answers from Dallas on

Personally I hate hearing that gay marriages will " ruin the scantily of marriages". Heteros did that a long time ago with our divorce rate so get over yourselves. I'm happy gays can now marry and have same legal rights that marriage affords! My kids are still young so I'll have discussions about this with them in a few years.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Laurie A - You answer was the best answer. You said exactly what I think but much better! Thank you. I do feel that maybe there is some hope for our grandchildren. What a week we have had for our country and for the future of all of us.

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answers from Washington DC on

Love the gay marriage decision!

But I'm not throwing any parties regarding the ACA. I can't celebrate the fact that my individual deductible went up to $6000.00 last year and I don't qualify for any subsidies, even though my husband is completely disabled. I thought the idea was for people to be able to afford healthcare. I can't afford to get the kind of healthcare I need. All I can swing are my husband's bills and my premiums, and pray nothing bad happens to me. Between my husband and I, our out of pocket maximum is over $10,000.00 a year. Nope........ no celebrating, just surviving.

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answers from Kansas City on

S., I love your post. I have just been in awe. It is sometimes hard to really digest just HOW historic this week has been. Truly awesome.

Side note, something else I have loved the past few months is that we are seeing what an amazing, cool guy our President is, when he no longer has to worry about "pleasing" the PAC's and lobbies. LOVE THAT MAN!!!

To those that are still conflicted/upset about the gay marriage ruling- it's okay! This is America - we have freedom of religion. Chill. Nobody's going to come take your bibles. Promise!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I am so happy for my friends who have been waiting to marry and all others--- that they can now have the legal protections they so deserved all along and can formalize their relationship in a way that all other hetero couples have been able to do without question.

It was the height of hypocrisy that a drunken night in Vegas with a 30 minute ceremony could legalize and legitimize a hetero union that breaks up less than a year later (that's a REAL marriage?), but a loving, long-term, committed gay relationship could not be legalized until now.

I marvel at the social changes that have happened in my lifetime, but I would be naive to think that the fight for equality for all is complete. A quick look at the news shows there is still much to do. This past week gives hope, however!

To Osohapi----the learned Jew in me wants to remind you that Leviticus is full of prohibitions, many of which, I'm sure you have violated. Most of these prohibitions have nothing to do with life today. And although I generally resist trotting out my credentials, the licensed clinical psychologist in me is here to let you know that "psychology" does NOT argue "against gay marriage."

To Letty, you are a wonderful woman and mom and a really, incredible human being! Wish you and your son the best!

J. F.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am sickened by the ACA ruling. My husband is self employed and he lost his healthcare insurance due to the law. Our insurance premium nearly doubled with our new plan and we now have a deductible which we did not have before. Additionally, our co-pays nearly doubled in price. I had a cortisone injection in my finger 2 months ago. It cost me $200. Last year I had the same injection for $125 and the year before that it was $50. I can not find it in myself to be happy or excited about paying more and getting less. Unless you are getting a subsidy, I predict that in 2017 when the next presidential election is over the rest of America will see what is in the bill and most won't like it. I know my doctors aren't happy about it.

Also, my husband has many Canadian friends that travel to the US for their medical procedures. It defies logic that they would do this if the Canadian system is so great. It may be fine for treating a sinus infection but if I have cancer I want to be in the United States.

Re: gay marriage...I am happy my gay friends are happy.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I was telling a friend about the changes I've lived through. I remember the first time I saw black people. I was astonished at how different their skin was. I just stared.

When I was growing up I lived in a world where blacks went to school on one side of town and the white kids went to the other side of town. Paths didn't cross.

I remember when I was almost in high school and we had massive changes in a lot of areas and suddenly my home school had all the kids from the other side of town.

It was such a new thing. Now no one hardly remembers those times.

People who say they get discriminated based on the color of their skin let us know it's still happening but I wonder if the have any idea how good they have it. I remember blacks not being allowed to enter "white" bathrooms or go to the stores that "whites" used, I remember when the blacks had to sit in the back of the bus or train or they could only call one certain cab company because the white taxi drivers wouldn't let them in the cab. I remember going to the fair and being thirsty and there was a drinking fountain right there but my dad jerked me away and I got a swat. It was a "black" person's drinking fountain.

I lived through those days that are nothing like what we have today.

My point is that once those laws were changed and time has passed no one thinks anything about seeing a black person and a white person married and having a dozen kids if they want to. No one even notices if black people look at the house next door that's for sale.

People learned new ways and adapted their thoughts.

Religions fought this de-segregation. People in government had debates and refused to accept that people are people no matter what.

If you look even further back at the Indian Wars right after the Civil War, they had even less rights that anyone in this century. They would be herded like cattle to this place then that place then to another. They would lose everything they owned when someone realized the land they'd been given had value or natural resources. So they'd take that parcel of land away and send them somewhere worse. Standing Bear went to speak and he cut his hand open. He said everyone has the same color blood running through their veins and we were all the same inside except for the color our skin was. That we were all equal.

So, all that said. How many people see a black person and thinks "Oh, there's a black person and their parents or grandparents went through hell just so they could drink at a drinking fountain at the fair, they went through hell to have the right to shop at any store they wanted to spend money in. They went through hell.

If you don't think they did google Tulsa Oklahoma and the...I can't think of the name of it. It's where basically the town decided to burn all the blacks out and set fire to areas where people would be trapped and burn to death. It's gruesome and part of our American History. I have never read anything like it.

For me, I really really don't care who loves who and who is married or shaking up or living next door. Really. I have seen and read a lot and lived through much worse discrimination and hatred than some people can imagine.

I'm not saying that people who are sexually attracted to the same gender haven't suffered, they have, I know they have. But they haven't been sitting at home and suddenly all the area around your neighborhood is set on fire all at the same time so there is no escape. No one today has lived through things like this.

Yes, you've suffered and had to hide who you love, acted like you were roommates so no one would think you were a real couple. Lived in hour own homes and sometimes even married to have respect and a normal life while hiding your feelings for that other person you wanted to spend your life with. I know you have.

My college roommate was a gay guy. He was always telling everyone he just hadn't met the right lady yet and he wasn't interested in dating just anyone. He was waiting to meet "her". He didn't want anyone to know he wasn't interested in dating anyone his family were trying to set him up with. He's still single and his family have no idea. He has his...romantic liaison's away from home. He hides who he is in his core from those he loves most.

I know in the future no one will even think about the time before couple came in the same gender. I remember the first bi-racial couple I saw. I felt so sorry for their kids because they would always be made fun of and never accepted. Lots of people are married now to people from completely different countries and colors. Kids come in a rainbow too.

SO no, I don't think anyone's going to be telling their grand kids about this day because there will be some other thing going on then where people are being terrorized and killed for no other reason than they have something someone else wants or they are different than what that person that's hurting them is.

I do think this is a giant step forward for everyone though. Supporting the rights of every single person to pursue their happiness with another adult can't be wrong.

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I am going to say I'm disappointed in some of these posts. I am a conservative. I am torn on the gay marriage ruling. I'm happy that those that want to marry can; however, I do believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Thus my conflict. I'm sure I will get blasted for my feelings but that's just it. They are MY feelings. You asked.

I am not happy about the ACA decision. The Supremes really reached on this one. Had they really ruled on the wording it would have been different but its neither here nor there. They made their decision. One I do NOT agree with but there you go. I do not like the law for many reasons. I do think our healthcare system needs to be addressed. But I do not and will not agree that blowing it up was the way to go. I also believe that if everyone must participate than EVERYONE should. That includes our government officials. NO ONE should be exempt. I think there are several things that could be done to this law but I don't believe that anyone right now wants to listen to someone who is conservative on this issue, which is a shame.

Believe it or not, I'm more upset about the ACA ruling than the gay marriage ruling. I expected the Supremes to rule as they did on gay marriage however, I did expect them to rule differently on the ACA. That one I feel they got wrong badly.

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