CCDC, DKH Acadmey or Reading Friends?

Updated on March 30, 2009
A.N. asks from Lake Dallas, TX
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I am still trying to narrow down a preschool for my daughter. I have toured CCDC, DKH Acadamey and The Reading School. All have allot of great attributes but I am trying to really narrow down which one would be the best for my daughter who will be 4yrs old in July. I have heard rave reviews about all of the schools.

I like CCDC because they have a seperate chapel time and it really means allot to me that they incorporate worshiping our Lord with learning.The price is also the most affordable out of all three.

DKH Academy is a little more pricey but seemed like a really well put together place. I must say though that I felt a little more confused about their academic program. It seems like a very thriving school so I know that it must be good. Could anyone out there give me insite on there program?

The Reading School was definitely the most expensive but I was impressed too with their academic program. I see that they were voted best of Denton County in 2008 by The News Connect. I am just wondering if there program is truly better than the other two. (just considering expenses). I was very impressed with the possibility that my child could be reading at 4yrs old!

All of your insight is so very much welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all!

Many Blessings,

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My 3-year old son currently attends DKH Academy, and he loves it!

He started this past September, and since it was the first time he has really been separated from me for more than a couple of hours, he cried and cried on the first day of school (which I know is normal).

On the second day of school, he cried when I dropped him off, which of course made me cry, and the staff - director, asst. director, other teachers - were all there to comfort me while his teacher comforted him. Then about 30 minutes after I left, they called me on my cell phone to let me know that he had stopped crying and was playing just fine. This phone call meant the world to me, and I was able to enjoy the rest of my afternoon. To me, this is a sign of a great staff!

They also took the cutest picture of him playing on the playground on that 2nd day of school and gave it to me when I picked him up... it is a picture I will always treasure.

We have already enrolled him at DKH for next year!



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DKH Academy DKH Academy DKH Academy! I had been a preschool teacher for 7 years before staying home with my daughter. My degree is in Development and Family studies and have volunteered and/or observed at all three locations.

They are all good schools but, DKH is the only one that is NAEYC accredited and is held to a very high standard in care, curriculum, developmentally appropriate practice. The teachers ALL have degrees and are well-paid. Happy teachers equal happy students.

I am extremely picky about preschools and DKH is the best school in the Lewisville area!!



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My only word of advice is to consider why you are sending her to preschool. That may help you in deciding what is best for her. I personally dont send my kids to preschool, and in the end, they are still at the top of their classes academically and socially. While it may seem impressive that your daughter can read at 4, in the end it will not serve any purpose. Most if not all kids catch up by 2nd grade, and really, there is no evidence that links reading at an early age to higher academics as they progress in school. I also like to think about the kind of parents and children that my kids would be associating with. If a friend that has a religious family is important to you, she will likely build those relationships at a place like CCDC. Not that the other schools dont have families in them that will have similar ideals to yours, but clearly CCDC is a faith teaching and promoting school. But, you may have to let go of some of the higher academics. If you just want to get her into the schedule of things, and socializing with others, learning to follow rules etc, in preparation for school, I would choose CCDC or some other similar program. But, again, you are talking to a mom that knows full well that kids can, and in my opinion should, learn that stuff at home. Good luck in the decision..just remember, in the wont help on her college admissions:) ~A.~



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I'm familiar with all 3 facilities. Both of my kids went through CCDC, from the time they were 2 through kindergarten, and LOVED it. They've been around for a long time and really have a great program. I would highly recommend them.
I've met the owner of Reading Friends around town and she's very passionate about what she does. I know they offer Summer Camps, so if you decide to go with CCDC, you could always add a camp or two to give her a step up in reading (and with the savings you'd incur with CCDC it would open up this option).
I've seen DKH ads and have heard of them, but don't know anyone who's attended their program - sorry.
Finally, if you decide to go with CCDC, you should call and secure your spot right away. They may already be full for the fall season, but they should have a waiting list you can join.
Good luck! Your FREE guide to affordable family activities in the Flower Mound, Lewisville & Highland Village area.



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Hi Angie,

I am a nana, and right now don't have any grandkiddos that are at pre-school age... but, I want to share with you about the pre-school at our church - Celebration Preschool. It is located on Teel in Frisco. The director, Jenny Edrington, is an awesome, Godly women of integrity. For more info, you can check it out on the following web page:

I am believing God's best for you and your precious daughter!




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Hi Angie,
My name is M. Senick and I am the Director at Reading Friends....I believe you visited with Nikki Witt last week when I was out of town due to a family emergency.

I just wanted to touch base with you myself...I left you a vmx last week, but I saw your post and thought I would also reach out via mamasource.

We would love to have your little one at Reading Friends...our program is truly remarkable...I started the program as a mom (I have 2 boys now 6 and 8 years old!) I searched for a preschool for them, I wanted it all...I wanted it to be educational, fun, loving, nurturing, safe and secure, creative, etc. I wanted to give them the best start possible...when I couldn't find what I was looking for, I set out to create it! That is my vision for Reading Friends :-)

Our program is small. I think that is very important when working with young children. All the teachers are not only talented teachers, but also wonderful people.
I am amazed every day at how gifted these women are! Parents come here for our academics, but leave talking about how we treated their child....I am proud of that feedback from the parents :-)

Again, we would love to have your little one here at our school! Please let me know of any questions you have and I am open to all feedback....also, if the price is the deciding factor, please let me know...we do have financial assistance available for our PReK class this year that many parents are taking advantage of in this economy :-)

I look forward to hearing back from you!!


M. Senick
Reading Friends



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Hi A.. I am not familiar with any of the schools you are considering, but I wanted to pass along some general advice about selecting pre-schools. I have found that what's "Good" or even "The Best" pre-school may not be the best for a particular child. When my children were going to pre-school I selected the place that seemed to give them the right kind of attention. It was a pretty small operation and didn't have a ton of bells and whistles, but the staff and directors had good teaching and administrative credentials and I liked the way they treated the kids. I could tell my children would be happy there (which is HUGE in pre-school!). Top-notch academics may sound impressive but you want to be mindful of the "pace" your daughter is ready for in her first school environment. So I suggest that you select based on which environment you would be most comfortable placing her in on a daily basis. As for the reading, that will come in time; children really learn to read when they are ready and everything I've heard suggests that regular reading time at home is just as important, if not moreso, than an emphasis on reading in pre-school. It's a great milestone and it's natural to be anxious about it but the important thing is to encourage your daughter and expose her to lots of books, magazines etc. Kinder and First Grade teachers will take care of the rest. Sorry for the long post; hope this helps you!

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