Cavities in 2 Front teeth..first Dentist Wants to Pull Them! Good Dentist Needed

Updated on April 13, 2012
S.A. asks from Bethel, OH
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I live in the Cincinnati Area and am in need of a good pediatric dentist who will actually try to save teeth and not just pull them out. I have been beating myself up over this.....Idk what to do or where to go from here. My son has really bad cavities on his two front teeth. The first dentist said to pull them but also said he would need 9 other teeth...filled ...capped...sealed....and all his other teeth look fine...She said its hidden cavities? but didnt tell me what teeth or anything else about why they need all that done. She just gave me a bill wilth a list of things that need to be fixed. So i dont trust it. I am going with my gut on this one. I really, really want to save his front two teeth. He just turned 3 in december and i would feel like the worst mother ever if i just pulled his teeth out. :( I took him to another dentist and they said that it looks like one could maybe be filled and the other could possibly have a baby root canal but they were a family dentist and said they would prefer to send him for another opinion from someone who specializes in kids his age. So now i need a 3rd dentist. Someone who will actually try to save his teeth and not try to get thousands of dollars out of me for work he probably doesnt even need. Im mostly worried about the 2 front teeth. So please if anyone has a good dentist in the cincinnati area please help! I am getting desperate! I just want him to have the best care and the best smile possible. Ive brushed and brushed to try to keep his teeth healthy but now it seems it didnt help at all....and im really worried and stressed about this. :( So Someone please Help! :(

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answers from San Francisco on

In children, I think they normally do pull them - what's the point in putting a lot of money into teeth that are going to fall out anyway within a couple of years.

I would be skeptical about all the other work. If he's only 3 and you brushed religiously like you say, I don't understand how his teeth could be in such bad shape.

I don't have a recommendation to a dentist for you, but I do think you should get that 3rd opinion.

Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

I went to a ped dentist that told me I need to cap both my son's front teeth when he was that age (3) - I went to another dentist who told me that they were just going to fall out anyhow (baby teeth) and if they didn't hurt they could stay in and recommended we start rinsing with ACT each night.

I took his advice - we never filled or capped his baby front teeth - and they were fine until they fell out and his adult teeth came in. The ACT also really helped - it actually strengthens teeth and can reverse some mild cavities.

Good luck - go with your gut - unfortunately a lot of times they just want your money. :-(

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Our little granddaughter fell down the concrete steps at her moms apartment and broke off her front tooth. Our pediatric dentist did the work on it and capped it with white material. When it came out I had a very hard time telling which tooth had the cap and which was the tooth that was whole.

She went to the hospital out patient surgery center and was put under general anesthesia. She went to sleep, had the work done in just a few minutes, came out, woke up with NO side effects from the anesthesia, wanted to go to McDonalds and eat. She loved the whole thing. I would think she'd have a different idea about the whole thing if she had been awake during the procedure.

I think calling your insurance company to get a list of pediatric dentists that will take your insurance and let her be put to sleep during is the way to go. Obviously you didn't mesh with this dentist. I love our's. I will never take the kids anywhere else as long as he will take them.

An after thought, being put out with general anesthesia was much better than the gas the ENT used. Our grandson had tubes in his ears and he was very traumatized when he woke up from that but when he had some dental work done under general anesthesia he was really happy and fine, no side effects what so ever.

I would make sure to understand exactly what they will be using to put him out to do any work.

The teeth can be saved if there is enough to cap. That is the question.

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answers from La Crosse on

my son and daughter ( 3& 4) both have a cap on a back tooth. My son had a cavity and my daughter the enamel didn't properly form on her tooth.

He said he tries to avoid pulling teeth for any reason. It can lead to other placement problems with the adult teeth when they come in.

I would get another opinion for sure.



answers from Charlotte on

Is there a Children's Hospital around your area? If there is, look online at their list of dentists. They probably practice in an office as well as in the hospital. You should get an opinion from them. Do you have copies of xrays?

Do you have fluoride in your water? Find out from your city. If you don't, you need fluoride supplements. This is terrible, if your child really has all those cavities. You need help and you need it big time.

I really think that even if it means traveling a long ways to get to the Childrens Hospital, you should do it. (Or find the dentists' offices and get an appointment with one of them.) They have good expertise and I believe you can trust them.

Good luck,



answers from Dayton on

I take my boys to a pediatric dentist in Springboro, Ohio. Wright Smiles Dentistry (937/885-2222) is the name of it. I love them. They are good with all of the kids. I found them thru my dental insurance. Went in and just talked with them when the kids had their teeth cleaned and have yet to find a hygenist that I don't like and Dr. Jodi is awesome. My 4 year old had to have a tooth filled and they treated him so well that he said they could do it again. When you do check out dentists ask if they have anyone that you can call for a reference.

Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on

I just had my son's two molar teeth pulled this Monday. The dentist actually wanted to save the teeth and put crown on it. But, when we saw the xray and heard that crown doesn't guarantee future cavities, we decided to extract them. Crown only protects the outside, how if the bacteria is still inside and keep digging the teeth.
Once the teeth is infected, it might get infected again and it is bad for overall health.
I spent: 600 bucks. It is for : oral sedation, 2 teeth extraction and 2 space maintaners. I told the clinic that I need financial plan, so 600 is paid in 4 months.
I am glad we took them out. From outside it looks fine, once they are pulled, I took them home and digging. Turn out that food was hardened and filled the cavity, so I use the tweezer to pull all the food out. His teeth turn out to be hollow, the cavity is bigger than the tooth itself. I can send the pics to you f you want to see.
My son is a 3 year old, too. And he sees pediatric dentist. And we don't have insurance and get discounts.



answers from Cincinnati on

I go to Cincinnati dental services and see Dr.Mangino. He is great. CDS has locations throughout Cincinnati if you wanted to check them out. I Go to the white oak location.

They are great with kids and the staff is wonderful.


answers from Kansas City on

My kids all had great teeth and no cavities but other family members have not been so fortunate. They told them that brushing isn't the only cause of this and some is heredity, some fluoride in water or not, some diet. Most dentists now want to pull the teeth or crowns and not just let them fall out on their own saying that the cavity spreads and will cause the permanent tooth to also have damage. Who knows? Get another opinion if someone can give you a referral on here.



answers from Dayton on

I live in the Centerville area and they may be too far to drive but I have a wonderful group of dentists here that have a great pediatric dentist on board. It is the Centerville Family Dentistry ###-###-####. Tell them N. Clark sent you. Sometimes that will get you $25 off your visit. It's worth a try.

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