Cauterizing My 8 Year Old Sons Teeny Tiny Little Nose. Scary!!

Updated on April 26, 2010
R.G. asks from Anaheim, CA
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My son has been having frequent nose bleeds off & on for the last year. Took him to his ped. in Nov. 09' she suggested Vaseline in his noise to moisterize. Has not helped much. Referral to ENT Dr. last week and he wants to cauterize his nose. Has anyone had this done to their child? Pros/Cons. Dr. wants to do procedure at hospital and use general anes. Has anyone suffered nose bleeds and "out grew" them? I told the DR. I needed time to make a decision. We go back in 1 month to decide. BTW I know it is embarrasing for my son at times when we are out to dinner, the food arrives and his nose gushes blood, & we have to run to the restroom, or at school when all the kids GASP! Thank you all.

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I have had my own nose cauterized. I was awake, and it smells really bad. i am so glad I had it done. I was about 15? I have no more problems. and i had gushers.



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I had them when I was little and finally had my nose cauterized when I was about 14. It stung but the doc was quick. I never had the problem again....They did not use any anes. at all....

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answers from Spartanburg on

I have worked in surgery in the past with ENT surgeons and have assisted in quite a few of these procedures. They are very quick and easy to do. The recovery time is very short and the procedure usually takes care of the problem permanently. I hope this helps. Good luck!

I have read some of the other responses, and I have never heard of cauterizing the nasal cavity of a child without anesthesia. I can imagine that it would be very traumatic for a child if done in an office setting. But, the nose bleeds are commonly caused by small capillaries that are close to the surface of the mucous membrane in the sinus cavity. If the mucosa gets dry or irritated it triggers a nose bleed. The purpose of the surgery, and I'm sure that you have already discussed this with your child's ENT, is the cauterize these small vessels to prevent the nosebleeds. It also creates a think layer of scar tissue so that the vessels are not as superficial. I really wish you luck!

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You've tried conservative treatment and it didn't work. It's time to try something else. Cauterizing takes only a minute, as does general anesthesia for this. Light sleep, zap,zap, wake up, drink juice, go home. This is a minor problem that can have major consequences if left untreated. Please put aside your "Scary!" worries about his "teeny tiny nose" and take care of your son. It sounds like this is more about your fears than his. He needs you to be the strong one to help him through this. Going to the hospital and being put to sleep is scary for any kid, so be the best mom you can by getting all the facts, and reassuring him that everything will be fine. Go, girl.

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I had this as a child (older than your son though...maybe 13-14). I had my nose cauterized and it cured me of the nosebleed issue. He'll be fine. Good luck!

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I used to have awful nosebleeds as a kid. They cauterized my nose, which I recall being fairly traumatic, and it didn't work. The nosebleeds got worse and worse. Finally I was referred to a different ENT who did an MRI and x-rays. Turns out I had a terrible sinus infection. The ultimate solution was sinus surgery, which DID cure the problem permanently. My vote is, before you put him through cauterization (I don't care what anyone says, it's awful for the kid going through it!), or sinus irrigation (even worse!), just have them check to be sure it's not an infection that's causing it. I had no outward symptoms (other than the nose bleeds, and occasional migraines) of the sinus infection. Good luck!

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Vaseline does not moisturize it dehydrates! So stop using. Make sure he is nose breathing. There are excercises to help if he is not Buteyko Breathing method.
I would not cauterize. You can do this naturally. The nose breathing moisturizes the nose. Can use coconut oil on face and a bit in nose but it will take care of itself if he just breathes thru the nose that is all. There are so many processes that help the body by nose breathing only.
If you don't mind scar tissue on the septum that may curtail some of these processes that help inflammation and other vital things for good health. No one thinks of these things.



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Iknow ho scary it is to have surgery for your sonbut think how happy he will be whenhe dosent haveto go thru nose bleeds again good ,uck andbe stong for him A. no hills





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Before you do this, I have a crazy suggestion. My almost 6 year old had really bad nosebleeds for a couple of weeks earlier this year. I'd never really heard of kids doing this. I asked everyone. My brother told me that his wife had had them as a child and her niece has them all the time, like every day. My son had them pretty much every day for two weeks. I took him to the doc, and she basically just said there's nothing to do unless they get worse WORSE? He was bleeding all the time, mostly not much, but about once a day, it would be a bad one that would last for about 30 minutes. I don't remember where I heard it, maybe even on here, but someone said to put honey in their nose. I took a q-tip and put a little honey on the end. I put it just barely inside the nose and swabbed all the way around. His nose stopped bleeding!!! It took several minutes, but it stopped For the next several days, I put honey in am and pm. This has been over a month, and he hasn't had a nosebleed since. Now, I'll put honey in about two or three times a week before bed. I don't know if this is coincidence or not, but I'm keeping it up. I've told my brother to let his wife's niece know, and not sure if he did or not. I am really interested in others experience with this. If you do try it, let me know how it works. Good luck!!!



answers from Reno on

I suffered from frequent nose bleeds (at least one every day) as a child and had to have my nose cauterized. They didn't give me any anesthesia. My mom just had to hold me down. It was pretty traumatic (I still remember it clearly) but it worked and my nose bleeds stopped, so it was worth it.



answers from Houston on

They thought I would out grow nose bleeds and I never did. In high school, I got hit w/a volley ball in PE class and started crying blood, somehow my nose and tear ducts got crossed... had to have several cauterizations to fix it. My nose bleeds got worse as I got older. In Jr. High I'd have some that would last HOURS. I vote, cauterize it now before it gets worse. The pain wasn't bad at all.



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My son suffered through frequent nosebleeds through his early childhood. Around 14 we finally had it cauterized, in the Dr's office with no anesthesia. He hated having it done, and passed out when he stood up. If I had known they could do it under anesthesia I would have definitely gone that route. After the procedure, not even ONE more nosebleed has occurred (and it's been 15 years!). I would say go ahead with it, going through this one procedure may be a little scary for you both, but if you approach it positvely your son should do well. Just focus on how nice it will be to never have another icky "surprise" nosebleed at an ackward moment! Good luck.



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I have suffered with nose bleeds for years-I finally found something that worked for me-nose spray-Ocean Spray works well for me-very easy to use and I use it every day once in the morning. I have not had a nose bleed
in a very long time. (I am sure any nose spray might work; it does not have to be Ocean Spray).

Hope this helps.



answers from Honolulu on

My child was 6 when the nose bleeds started. They started off mild and then started lasting longer and longer. First always on the right side and soon once they started both sides were bleeding. The longest would last close to 30 minutes. I was panicked. We would put her quickly into the bathtub on a small stool and I would sit there and hold the bridge of her nose for 25 minutes while my spouse grabbed ice to put on her neck. This went on for months and months and they kept getting worse - real gushers. Finally the nurse suggested a product called Ayr - a saline gel to moisturize the nose and saline sprays to also moisten it. She explained that is was possible that after the first one (due to a bump, hit, scratch), there was a cut in the nose and as the skin inside tried to scab and heal, the nose would dry up and crack and the slightest bump or itch at the wrong time would cause the scab to break open again, only bigger and in our case higher up the nose each time. Eventually the break was so high that both nostrils would gush and I would be panicked that one of us would pass out with all the blood.
We were diligent about putting the Ayr gel every morning and night and eventually we reduced it to every night and we had a few more, but eventually no nose bleeds and we stopped putting the gel altogether. It's been over a year now, so no cauterization needed. Don't know if your son's case is caused by the same thing, but this worked for us so far.



answers from Los Angeles on

I was around 12 maybe when I was having frequent nosebleeds. I was never referred to a ENT, I just outgrew it. But for the time I was going through it, was tiring, never knowing when my nose would start bleeding. But the frequency of the nosebleeds got less and less, then stopped. My brother also did the same thing and outgrew it as well. My mother wasn't concerned since she did the same thing when she was a child, even our doctor wasn't too concerned. Maybe cauterizing wasn't an option back when I was a kid, don't know.



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There are some natural supplements that are supposed to strengthen blood vessels. Quercitin is one I can think of. Just Google a while.
But if the vessels are truley abnormally close to the surface or more numerous..the cauterization may be the best route. I'd ask how permenant a solution it the vessels grow back?..or are they truley subdued.
Good luck.



answers from Redding on

Fortunately, my kids never had to go through this, but my best friend did when I was a kid. She was so sick of bleeding all over the place that she was glad to have the procedure. She said it really didn't hurt that much. She never got nose bleeds again, so it really worked. She was glad to have it done.

I know it sounds scary, but it's not like they will set your son's nose on fire or anything. I think it's best to get it done now and get it over with. Nosebleeds will be a thing of the past and he'll be happier.

I wish you the best!



answers from Shreveport on

We are fast approaching the one year mark since my son had his done. The first attempt was in the ENT's office and that didn't go over to well with my son. I now wish we had just gone ahead and had surgery. The in office didn't help that much cause between the time the office attempt and his actual surgery to have tonsils and adenoid taken out we had two more nose bleeds. Anyway while he was having the tonsils and adenoid taken out they did his nose. Not on complaint about his nose and not a single nose bleed since then.
I say at the very least it is worth trying to see if it works.



answers from Los Angeles on

My children have never had these problems, but my husband did as a child. He had to have his done more than once (the nose bleeds were caused by a stick that got driven up his nose when he fell down) in one of his nostrils. Its obviously not a permanent cure (he still has little nosebleeds once in a while) but he survived it, and would have had WAY more issues had it not been done. Now I realize that this was 25 years ago, so even the procedure may have changed, but while he said it was a tad painful, he would have been much worse off if the nose bleeds had continued. He had (before having it cauterized) lost so much blood in a nosebleed that he had to be given a transfusion, now if it does anything, it just drips a bit (no gushing!!) I dont know if this helps... but hopefully it does!!

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