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Updated on August 03, 2010
R.L. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hi, Ladies! Any ideas of a great, catchy header for my resume as I search for a part time job? I need extra money to make my ends meet and already work fulltime Monday thru Friday, 8-5 as an Administrative Assistant at a wonderful company in Carrollton called The Trade Group - I am very happy in this position and have pretty much capped my salary range. As you all may know, everything is going up like, insurance, daycare, gas and more and well, my incoming funds are not so I am really forced to get a part time to make ends meet. I am a sinlge mom and I do get child support when my ex has a job - he is not on a good run right now! I am hoping to get a weekend job so my folks can help out with watching my daughter, Ashlee (16 months old). Any catchy header ideas out there to help me out? Or better yet, anyone out there need any part time help? I am in the Lewisville/CArrollton area :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Dear R.,
I have read many resumes in my life - you do not need a catchy header. A professional, clean, easy-to- read resume is much better. You should always include a cover letter that explains your interest in the job and why you would be a good person for the job.
My advice would be to try and cut back your expenses as much as possible and stay at home on the weekends with your daughter. She is only young once and you already work a full time job. Most part time jobs will not pay enough to make it worth you time. You might consider babysitting for other parents on the weekends for extra money -it is good cash (no taxes) and you could take you daughter with you or babysit from your own home. Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd get on some sites like,, and see what recruiters recommend.

Most resumes are read by computers these days and sent onto managers when the right key words are found.

Usually headers are not supposed to be "catchy" as they can distract the reader. Instead, some recruiters recommend cover letters, but with the volumes of people applying to jobs, it has to be physically impossible to read every cover letter and resume.

There's a lot of great career advice out there if you know where to look. Those would be my top recommendations (as a former recruiter and job seeker).

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I have a suggestion for you? How about being a virtual assistant from home? They do pretty good from what I hear......unless you really need or want to be away?

If working from home is not an option, then find something you will like, maybe working at a florist, or something like for catchy.....they just want the facts, and they want them condensed and short....that's what catches their eyes.........short and sweet.

Good Luck and take care.



answers from Sarasota on

I started my business working only 10-15 hours a week in addition to working as a full-time Sonographer. I have replaced my income and I am well on my way to a six figure income. If you have a computer and working from your home is an option for you than this may be a fit for you. I typically have two nights a week out of my home for approximately 2-3 hours. If you want to learn more about working out of your home and ultimately replacing and exceeding the income you are making as an administrative assistant please contact me at [email protected] by the way this is not an MLM. As far as the resume just keep it simple and change your objective to compliment where you are applying. Good luck and try not to work too hard. Your goal should be work less and make more money doing it.

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