Cat Throwing up DAILY

Updated on August 03, 2011
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
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just wondering if anyone has had a cat who throws up almost everyday. its hair and her food.
is there anything over the counter i can give her or what is good food for this???

she had a check up months ago for it and found nothing

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answers from Kansas City on

One of my cats is 16 and he's thrown up off and on since the day he was born. He's had many rounds of bloodwork done and X-Rays and he's at times started to get rather skinny. We've had to feed him very small amounts many times per day in order to keep him well. We also stick to better brand foods which does not eliminate the vomiting, but it does limit it.

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answers from Hartford on

Brush her daily. Brush brush brush. Once a week I take a little plain Vaseline and rub it on my cats' paws. It forces them to lick it clean off, and that makes the fur they swallow from cleaning to glide through their system. It's essentially the stuff that they put in hairball remedy but it's much less expensive and easier to get the cats to ingest it. :-) True story.

I also had a time period where my cats were puking daily because of a kibble change so we had to find one that was sensitive on their digestive systems. It also turned out to not have any cornmeal in it. Meat should be the first ingredient, and cats should not have to eat cornmeal.

Also check her wet food. Cats love gravy, but it's very harsh and acidic on their tummies. They shouldn't have it every day, or at least they should have it only once a day in small amounts and the bulk of their food should be kibble. My cats each get 1/3 cup of kibble 2X per day. Once every 6 days unless we have a holiday, they also get 1/2 of a small can of wet food each mixed with a small amount of kibble.

You want to make sure that when your cat eats, she's not gorging. If she eats too quickly and fills up her stomach with more than can actually fit, she'll vomit it right back up. If she does this with kibble, then the kibble will soak up the liquid in her belly, swell up, and then out comes the kibble. Sort of like if you eat ice cream and then follow it up with soda. :-) You can slow down her eating and force her to eat more slowly if you can elevate her bowls to her chin level while she eats.

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answers from Phoenix on

If your vet said it wasn't cance (that's what one of my cats that threw up like that had) then it is probably what my other cat has. We have 2 cats and they clean each other and the one has a sensitive stomach so if he cleans the other long haired one, he injests too much hair. So, we have to routinely (once a month) de-fur them. Our vet told us to do this and it works. We use the tool she recommended called the Furminator. She was selling it for $60 in her clinic but we found it on CL for $16 with free shipping. It DOES work for us and the cats don't mind having it done. Every time we defur, we get a sweater's worth of fur out!
Oh, one more thing. Our cat's sensitive stomach makes the hair ball special foods and gels a no go. He throws up more with them-non stop.


answers from Austin on

Our cat did that for a while.. She was allergic to the food.

If you have a long haired cat , make sure you brush her at least once a day..


answers from Los Angeles on

Try Petromalt from the pet store; helps the fur come out in the poop (sorry, but it does) My cat loves it!



answers from Houston on

One of our cats does this. It is SO annoying! Vet said she just has a sensitive stomach. We buy the expensive "sensitive stomach" food and it's a little better than with regular food, but still doesn't eliminate it. I wish I had a better answer for you!



answers from Orlando on

poor thing. sounds like major hair ingestion. you are lucky though that it is coming from the top because if it is severe enough, it could create a blockage on the bottom side which would result in likely immediate surgery.

anyway...brush your cat daily to help with the grooming and decrease your cat's ingestion of fur. when she is shedding a lot, brush her a few times a day.



answers from Utica on

My cat does this often as well. We have her on hairball control food and she seems to keep her food down pretty well now but she often will throw up her treats (we only feed her the hard treats that are meant for tartar control)
Good Luck


answers from Seattle on

I have an older kitty (8years) and she has had this same problem for a long time. Then I did some research. She may have a food allergy. My cat is allergic to corn. Most breeds of cats can not handle corn. You need to switch her to a high quality food. Feed your cat 1/2 cup a day for the first week. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of food, but her system and tummy will thank you. After a week you can give her 3/4 cup to one cup a day. If this doesn't help her, Take her to the vet. Vomiting can be nothing at all or it could be so many major things.



answers from Joplin on

They make a hairball control formula cat food, also I would suggest brushing the cat daily and talking to your vet. The vet might be able to suggest something.



answers from Boston on

Try Purina One Sensitive food. Sounds like she cannot digest the food. One of our cats can only eat Feline i/d that we get from the vet or else he had diahrea. It is also for cats who vomit.



answers from Anchorage on

They have OC meds (you can get them at walmart) that work very well. You give the cat a small amount everyday for a few days, and usually that does the trick. I just had this issue last month. I got a tube of "pro pet hairball eliminator" at walmart, and the vomiting was gone in 3 days.


answers from Tampa on

Change her food... it probably has too many corn and grain fillers. Try a higher protein % food that has corn and grains listed at least #5 or higher down the list on the ingredients.

Hair balls... there is a cat lax that can help with that, but if she's long hair - why not shave her? I have 12 cats that I shave 3 times a year and they LOVE it, granted I live in a hotter climate than you do, but it helps with hair balls too!



answers from Des Moines on

We have a cat who does this. I've taken him to the vet and had him checked...nothing wrong. My vet told me that some cats just throw up more than others. We bought a hairball gel at Walmart that seemed to help a bit. But, you are probably just lucky like us to have a cat that does this!