Cat Stopped Using Box

Updated on August 01, 2008
D.S. asks from Burleson, TX
6 answers

No reason.. she just stopped and is going upstairs on my rug! help! Why woul she do this? It is a clean, big sanitary box she's always used.

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answers from Dallas on

Is the litter box upstairs too? If not, she may not be able to make it there anymore. Was the kitty litter changed recently (new brand?). If so, that may be an issue.

Did you change food on her? Or, are you using the cheaper store brands? This could cause issues with her digestive system. The cheaper brands, such as Friskies (which is what my cat had), will change the formula in the food so that they can keep the price consistent. They won't change the packaging or anything, so you will never know. But your cat will. More expensive foods like Iams, Eukanuba, and Science Diet will increase the price of the food to keep the formula consistent. Nothing wrong with the cheaper brands, but sometimes as cats get older, they become more sensitive to such changes.

At any rate, it certainly would not hurt to take her to the vet for a quick checkup.



answers from Dallas on

I agree, she's probably has a urinary tract infection. Get her to the doc as soon as you can, the sooner the better.



answers from Dallas on

If everything checks out ok with the vet visit, you have some options. What I did when my cat went outside of the box, I did a few things.

1) I covered the area he was going with aluminum foil (don't like the sound)

2) I put an attractant in the litter. They sell Cat Attract at some vet offices or you can buy it premixed at Petco/Petsmart. It is specifically for kitties with this problem. Its an all natural, herby smell. They like it.

3) You absolutely need to buy an enzymatic cleanser to get rid of the pee pee smell. She will continue to go on your rug until that smell is gone.



answers from Dallas on

Hi! I work at a vet clinic in Plano, and just wanted to say that it is very imortant that you get your kitty to her vet office. She needs to have a urine test performed! Like the others could be a UTI. her and see if she is going to the bathroom on the carpet on purpose...or if she is doing it in her sleep or when resting. She could be incontinent.

I'm not sure where you are located, but if you're in Plano, the office is off of Independence and West Parker road. We could get you in sometime this afternoon or Monday! the number is ###-###-####.




answers from Dallas on

She might be sick take her to the VET



answers from Tyler on

I agree. A lot of pets use this to let you know that there is something wrong. Go to the Vet.

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