Cat Spraying Our Front Door/Patio ... Any Suggestions on How to Stop It???

Updated on April 23, 2007
C.M. asks from McKinney, TX
4 answers

Does anyone know how to get a neighborhood cat to stop marking my front door and patio area? I've only seen it around a few times so I don't know who it belongs to. I've tried washing down the whole area with vinegar & water but it still smells. The door is metal and really starts to reak when it's sunny out. It also sprays around the patio and front of the house so there is not just one place to deal with. When you open the door or windows the smell is disgusting! I guess I'm looking for some sort of repellent that is safe around kids. Has anyone had any luck w/ a solution for this one?

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You can also try to put some Orange peels down, I don't know why but Cats hate orange peels and they won't go near them.

Good Luck =)



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Hi C. i would try using bleach on it or there is something called Natures Miracle or some thing like that that might help. I do know that smell is hard to get ride of we had a couple of cats that start spraying in our house when we had our first baby and liked our living room furniture, we just had to get ride of it. Good luck ! :)



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There is a product called Bounds but you have to clean the area really well and spray every 24 hours. You can also place aluminum foil on the patio floor for a few days. They don't like the way it sounds or feels. N.

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