Cat Peeing in House!

Updated on February 05, 2013
N.K. asks from Deerfield, IL
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Hello, everyone.

Thanks in advance for weighing in. I have a nine-year-old male cat who recently started peeing on our curtains. I took the ones that he was peeing on down while I decide on a new set, but just now when I was washing my floors he stood not two feet in front of me and peed on a different set of panels in another room in my house.

I keep a very clean home and always have clean litter boxes (he has two to himself!!), so I do not think that there is an issue where that is concerned. There have not been any life changes for him lately that would cause him to be upset or act out.

My two questions are a) what can I do to get him to stop and b) how can I get the smell of cat urine out of my hardwood floors completely? This is such a bummer.


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So What Happened?

Not good... Just checked his body and there is a lump on his side. I'm taking him to vet tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for your help.

Update: the lump is a cyst, which was drained (yuck!) and all looks fine. The vet put him on antibiotics for his urinary tract, and I will definitely take all of your advice! Thanks so much, everyone.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Take him to the vet immediately and get him checked for a bladder or urinary tract infection. They're more common in male cats than people think, and the number one sign is peeing in inappropriate places because it hurts to pee and they come to associate their litterboxes with pain.

No idea on the hardwoods... sorry!

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answers from Washington DC on

An enzyme cleaner like Anti-icky poo and let it soak in.

Also, take him to the vet. One of our cats started peeing outside the box when he had blockages and another fell ill with pancreatitis and cancer. You may also want to discuss with the vet feliway.

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answers from Rochester on

My oldest cat started peeing on the floors and after a trip to the vet, it was determined she had a very large cancerous tumor. Not trying to be a huge bummer, but definitely take your cat to the vet. It isn't normal that a mature, fixed cat would suddenly start doing this. I am so sorry... ;(

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answers from Chicago on

The cat peeing right in front of you is usually a sign something is wrong, in my cats case the two times that had happened he had crystals in his urine and a bladder infection that was found and treated. taking him to the vet is the right step.



answers from Raleigh on

Ditto the other responses. I used Nature's Miracle (from PetSmart). Worked great.



answers from Chicago on

Nature's Miracle is the only product I have ever found that can get rid of the odor of cat urine - and I think the cat can still smell it, and if a cat hits the same spot too many times, nothing will work. I second all the recommendations to take the cat to your vet. But sometimes, once they start urinating indoors, they don't stop even after the health issue is resolved; and if it's an emotional response to something, it's even harder to break. Feliway can help, too - good luck, it can be a long battle!



answers from Muncie on

It could be something up with him or a new cat in the area. Is he fixed? He could be marking. Is there someone new in the house? New pet, baby? Cat's don't like big changes. Have you moved his boxes recently?

Sometimes cats just get grumpy in the older years. We have a cat who has to go out in our garage if we leave the house.because she can't be trusted inside. We also have to close all the bedrooms if we let her in the house. No health issues, no dirty boxes, she just hated the new baby and was targeting the baby's things.



answers from Chicago on

Cats that go outside of the letterbox may be ill.
Please have your vet check him out.



answers from Washington DC on

You should definitely take him to your vet. Urinary tract infections are actually uncommon in cats, but they can have significant inflammation in their urinary tracts, usually secondary to stress, that causes pain urinating. They can also get bladder stones or grit which can cause similar signs. If stress is the underlying cause, there are medications and pheromones (like Feliway) that can help. I'm a vet, and have also dealt with this with one of my own kitties. He started urinating inappropriately when my son was born and came home from the hospital-- fortunately it stopped when he was put on Feliway and Prozac, and we were all happier, including him!


answers from Chicago on

First things first, you need to take him to a vet to be evaluated. I had a male cat who sprayed things, and it was because he was "blocked" and it was very hard (and painful) for him to pee. I also had a female cat do the same sort of thing, and she had a raging bladder infection.

You really have to rule out any health issues before going forward. Once you do that, try Feliway. Those plug-in things worked like wonders for me. I haven't had a peeing cat since using them.

Added after your SWH: That lump might even be his bladder filled with urine, if he is having trouble peeing. I would take him sooner than tomorrow if you could. He could be in pain. Hope you get it all figured out and it's an easy fix!

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