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Updated on June 15, 2009
H.M. asks from Mansfield, TX
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We've had our cat for just over 9 years. (We got him when he was 2 months old). Sometimes he'd poop on the carpet. Lately he's been doing it more often. I've tried to change litter, bought a whole new litter box, nothing seems to help. For instance, I will change his litter and the same or next day he'd poop on the floor. So it doesn't matter if he has a clean or messy litter box. I've even "showed" him what he's done and then close him in the laundry room (that's where the litter box is). Well, I always said once he pees on the floor he's gone. Well, this morning he peed on the floor. Cat pee is something I don't even want to deal with being on floors. question is, what is up with my cat? Any ideas what else I can do or try? Nothing in the house has changed, no new babies, pets, everything is still the same.

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answers from Amarillo on

I had a cat that we rescued as well. She started doing the same thing every once and a while a couple of years ago and it became more frequent. I also left a message on this website but didn't get a response. I am glad that your message got put out here on the main page. Anyway, to make a long story short what fixed my cats problem was getting rid of the box all together and now she goes outside and there hasn't been an elimination incident since. I don't know if that would be practical for you but you might give it a try. I had also tried what you did with closing her up with the box and all. That would seem to work for about a week then we would have another incidence. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

My cat does this occasionally and then he'll stop for periods of time. I've taken him to the vet, ran tests, etc, and there's no medical explanation for this. One thing I've thought, is your cat possibly mad at you for something? I noticed a little extra love will help my cat get over his issues. Also, we did change the litter to a wheat natural litter, and that seems to help. When all else has failed, I've bought clear shower curtains and put them on the floor where the cat was peeing to at least save the carpet. Hope this helps some.



answers from Dallas on

Get him to the vet just in case. Cats are vulnerable to certain diseases related to elimination. Sometimes a change of diet can help but the vet would be able to tell you what's going on since you've eliminated situational issues. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Well I have a 9 year old cat and I rescued her she was abaned at 1 week old, so I saved her life.
Although she is a memeber of our family, she is spoiled.
She prefers Freshstep or Crystal blends cat litter only.
She won't use any other. Also she has gotten kitty stress.
The vet told us they can get stressed and she pulls her hair out. If the kids yell or scream alot or if there is a arguement she gets stressed and I tell her its ok. And massage her head. They can get stressed even when you don't understand "WHY". But I would take the cat to the VET before I ever get rid of them. In our family our cats are part of the family and it be hard.

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