Cat Food for Frequent UTI

Updated on November 18, 2006
K.K. asks from Wauconda, IL
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Was wondering if anyone could recommend an over the counter cat food that is good for urinary tract health? My cats are in their 3rd week/ 2nd round of antibiotics for UTIs and I was wondering if there were any other options besides prescription foods. Currently, they eat Iams multicat. The ash levels seem low and magnesium levels, both contribute to UTIs, so I have read?!?!?


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You need a PH balanced catfood. They say ph balanced on the bag. We had a cat like this and switching to a ph balanced food fixed the problem in no time. Good luck!



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I have our cats on the Purina One Special Care Urinary Tract Formula, it works well. Iams never worked for my poor old cat. Did your vet give you prescription food? Look at the levels on that one and try to match them at the store or go to a pet store and ask them, that is what I did the food the vet gave us was just to much money not to mention the cat didn't like it.



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Purina makes a great one, My Max has been on it for years. He is old and had difficulties. But no more accidents since on the Purina Health and UTI food.

I get th large bag at Pet Smart




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I would just start to prepare your own cat food. Feeding your pets commercial food is like feeding your family McDonalds everyday and every meal. It's really disgusting. Plus it's cheaper then buying commercial pet food!

If you are stuck on buying commercial brands, stay away from the really bad ones like Iams Science Diet, Purina etc....those are just more repulsive then other brands out there.

here are some articles and you can email me on how to make it for your pets

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