Cat Fights

Updated on April 17, 2008
A.M. asks from Aurora, CO
4 answers

We just recently got a 2nd cat. Our 1st cat is 4 years old and the 2nd is 7 years old both female, both spayed, one had a tedonectomy(cant extend her claws), the other has full use of her claws, both are rescue cats. My question is my 1st cat is apparently very territorial and likes to start fights the other cat does it too just not as often. Any suggestions on how to help them get along? Right now i have to separate them when we are not home in fear that they will get into a huge spat and hurt one another.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi A.,
Check out My Mother-in-law swears by this product.
Good Luck,



answers from Denver on

I am the "cat lady", hee hee..have had them all my life.
I have three now, hee hee.
When you first bring a new cat home, isolate it in a room with a litter box, ample food/water and a comfy bed. Then allow it to roam around a few hours a day. It takes a good few months for cats to like a new member and sometimes it never happens. I brought a rescue kitten into our home three years ago and my two older cats are just now warming up to her!!!!! I would also get a spray bottle of water so when you see one purposely antagonizing the other, squirt them.
Give them time, sometimes they become the best of friends!!



answers from Billings on

can they be separated until the first cat learns to "share"? I don't know much about cats, but I know with dogs, they usually just need a little adjustment time.



answers from Boise on

Honestly, I know the ASPCA would not approve and it might be difficult to find a vet to do it, but I think the first cat also needs a tendonectomy. We had 2 cats that fought non-stop in the beginning and the 20 pound one (already declawed) was losing "play" fights and tufts of fur everytime because the 10 pound one still had claws. Fortunately it was just before his 1 year birthday, so the vet said it was still early enough to declaw the smaller one. We didn't want to do it, but the fighting didn't stop and the big cat was actually sustaining injuries. The smaller cat was the new cat to our home and he was never aggressive and honestly thought he was just "playing" with our other cat, without knowing he was really hurting him. Within a few days of his recovery, they were buddies and sleeping next to each other in the window...I hope you can find another way!

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