Cat and Refinished Floors

Updated on May 16, 2018
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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We are getting our floors done next week and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the cat. The rest of us, including the dog, will be going to my parents for 2 nights.

We have a big storage space (400 square feet) in our basement he likes to go hide and sleep in, and I was thinking we could lock him in there for the 3 days. Hubby says it will be fine, but I worry. He plays with our dog every day, and he gets cuddled by 3 kids multiple times a day. He isn't a lap cat, but he does enjoy a good scratch and brush.

They are doing water-based stain, so it shouldn't smell too bad. After the first day, we can come visit him at night, but we won't be able to see him at all the next day, unless I do it early in the morning. I could ask my hubby to sleep in the family room that night, just to be near the cat, but I'm not sure what good that will do. I assume he will meow to get out.

Thoughts on if the cat will be OK sleeping on the toilet paper in the storage area, or if we should come up with another plan. and if another plan, what?

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So What Happened?

Shortly after writing this I realized I'd be in a panic with worry if I just left him. The original plan was for hubby and me to stay in the house with him, and send the dog and kids off, but my parents are going away.

I think I may see if we can bring him with us. My mom hates the cat. I don't know where we'd put him in her house, but I know that I would spend the whole time worried about him if he was alone.

As to the sleeping on toilet paper, I have this large bin area where I put my stash of toilet paper and paper towel. I find him sleeping on it all the time. It's up high, and it's soft! Perfect for a kitty.

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answers from Washington DC on

In my opinion it would be easier on him being at home but I would start getting him ready for it asap. If you don't have a litter box in there get one, so he starts getting used to it. Start feeding him and giving him kitty treats in there. Have the kids play with him in there so he has some positive reinforcement in that room. Hopefully you have windows with screens because he will need some ventilation. I would also put a fan in there. Water based stains and finishes still have an odor. The sanding machines will be loud and frightening so you will have to weigh that one out. Would he rather be at home for the loud noises or out and about in the carrier for the sanding? Mine would rather be home. Maybe someone could sit down there with him for that part? I would also get a sitter/friend that he likes, to come spend some time with him when you can't be there.

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answers from Miami on

Don't you have any friends or family members that can take him in for 2 nights and catsit? I don't see why bringing him in a carrier to your parents' would be such a big can put him in a room with a litter box, a food plate and a water plate, and keep the door closed, if your parents dislike or fear cats. I would worry about the noise, smells and other possible trauma he might receive being left alone while all that work is going on. One of the workers may hear a meowing cat and accidentally open the door, and the cat escapes. Not worth taking that chance.

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answers from Norfolk on

You can't keep him with you in a cat carrier for a few days at your parents?
The water based or not the fumes might be too bad for him.
I'd find a way to take him with you or board him for the few days you all can't be in the house.
The cat is as much a part of your family as the dog is.

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answers from New York on

We did board our cat when we had construction done on our home. Between the noise, the possibility of a door being left open by folks not familiar with our home, and having to leave during some of the construction, we just felt it wasn't worth it.

We boarded at the local vet and took the opportunity to get her caught up on shots, grooming, etc at the same time.

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answers from New York on

i would bring the cat with me, board them or have someone catsit at their house if my parents could not have a cat at their house. but i would not leave it there alone

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Why can't you take the cat with you? Cats are easy to travel with, and if your parents don't want him roaming the house, he can stay in the room where you will sleep at night. Set up his food and water in one corner of the room, and his litter box on a sheet in the closet and he'll be happy - he has what he needs, and he has company at night and anytime anyone wants to come in and give him a cuddle.

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answers from Portland on

I did both (take a cat with me, and leave a cat) before. Cat was much happier being left.

What about a boarding place? We have one near us that I've seen photos of. It seems like odd concept but it has these trees cats hide in and sleep in, and the cats get cuddles, etc.

Our cat had to stay overnight at vet before, and was fine - and we had a funny (very grumpy) cat. So - if you can't bring cat with you, that might be an option? Then you wouldn't have to worry whatsoever.

If I was concerned about fumes or a sad cat, or having to go and check on it (if this is going to be inconvenient on top of everything else) that might be worth it.

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answers from Boston on

You could board him but that's usually pretty stressful on cats.Cats prefer to be home so I'd lock him in the storage space with food, water, and a litter box and not worry about it until the floors are done. He might not be happy but he'll be safe.

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answers from Appleton on

I think it would be cruel to lock a cat in the basement for 2 days. Find someone who can take the cat or take him with you.

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answers from Washington DC on

a water-based stain probably won't be toxic, but the smell could still irritate. can you ventilate the basement?

we try to keep our cats at home whenever possible. they HATE being transported and boarded. but if there's any chance that the stain is going to create problems, or that the cat is going to panic (and the floor guys might let him out) then better safe than sorry.

don't see what use it would be for your husband to sleep in the family room. ???

also not sure why the cat will be sleeping on toilet paper.

i think under these circumstances i'd probably put the cat in a good boarding facility. you and the kids and the dog will be in an excited state at your parents' house and i'm not thinking that's a good bet for a cat either.

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