Cat and My Pregnancy

Updated on October 21, 2011
A.C. asks from Raleigh, NC
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Did any of you who had a cat while pregnant notice the cat acting different. If I had to describe I would say my cat is being protective of me. I've had him all 8 years of his life and he's definitely my cat. He tolerates dh and DS (3) but I don't remember him acting like this before. He likes attention but he's inside on my lap all the time. Also he's recently started sleeping on my feet which is unusual because he's usually outside at night. He just had his annual exam including senior cat bloodwork and is perfectly healthy. I really feel like he's protecting me. Anyone else experience this with their cat.

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So What Happened?

Edit BTW no litterbox because he has a cat door. Which makes it even funnier that he's inside all the time sitting on me.

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answers from San Francisco on

When I was pregnant with my first my cat followed me everywhere. If I was sitting he was on me. If I was laying down he had his head on my belly. He used to gently chase my baby when he moved.
When I was pregnant with my second he couldn't care less.

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answers from Orlando on

My cat has always been pretty loving:) and now he will come lay across my belly,I have to shoo him off sometimes hes a very big cat...


answers from Tampa on

My cats would follwo me around and sit on me anyways but while I was pregnant, seemed they were watching me more and needing more physical attention and would all try to pile in on me while sleeping. Animals can tell a difference in smell - pheromones people give off.

Toxoplasmosis is almost unable to be passed on by cats who've never eaten raw meat from animals outside or dug in dirt. I'd not be gardening while pregnant since you are more likely to get that parasite from the dirt than you are from kitty litter. Wash hands often and wear a mask just in case. I used the pregnancy excuse with my husband to get out of that duty for a short time tho!



answers from Washington DC on

The cats seemed to want to be near me and near my belly. Once, though, DD kicked the cat who was resting there and for the rest of the pregnancy he was really suspicious.



answers from Des Moines on

I just went thru this same thing with my male cat. He used to be very sweet to my hubby as well, but once I got pregnant, he started hissing at him! And Gus has to be basically on top of me the whole time! And now that we have had our 2nd daughter for a month, he's very protective of her as well. He likes being around her!



answers from Chicago on

My cat was like that too. We had a cat you normally couldn't pet or even touch, she would never sit on anybody's lap. She wasn't really a nice cat at all. But during both of my pregnancies she was constantly near me, sitting on my lap, letting me pet her, sleeping on my belly at night. She was like a completely different cat.



answers from Miami on

My cat was all over me (it was a male) while I was pregnant with my 3 pregnancies. On my lap, around my legs...all over me. Interestingly, when I was in labor and towards the end of my pregnancies, he avoided me. My sister has two cats, one male, one female. Her female cat rarely comes around anyone. But when I was pregnant with my 4 baby, her female cat came out and was around me all the time. So, yes, I do believe this is typical behavior for animals to do when someone is pregnant. I have a friend who had dogs while she was pregnant and her female dog in particular was especially close to her during her pregnancy.


answers from Kansas City on

yup my cat would come an ly on my side as I was watching TV, or in beginning stages, he would curl up on my tummy and Puurrrrrr like crazy.

after baby was born he would be curious, but distant, and now they both love each other-best buds, following each other around like a row of ants! Too funny!



answers from Chicago on

You should have no problems with the cat....but someone else in your house should be changing the cat litter...that's where the problem lies. I forget what the parasite is called but that can be come from the cat feces...if you have to change the litter wear gloves and then wash your hands.


answers from Providence on

Oh yes, my male cat was either watching me like a hawk, or sleeping on my chest when I was pregnant. Cats are very sensitive creatures, and can pick up on most of our things. Don't be surprised though when the baby comes, and your cat avoids you. It happened to me. He loved my son, and would sit right next to him on the floor, but with me, he left me alone. It's like he knew his place. It was very strange. He eventually came around, though. :)

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