Castor Oil for Hair

Updated on October 31, 2012
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I was reading an article on best oils and treatments for hair. And castor oil was top on the list. I had never heard of it , but would definitely like to try it if it helps with my thin very dry hair. Anybody use it and like it? Where can I buy it? I read it's very sticky and messy , so any tips on how to use it? I am ok with the mess as long as it makes my hair look and feel better. Thanks!

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answers from Norfolk on

Castor oil? For hair?
I'd try olive oil or coconut oil first.
They do wash out much easier (remember - this stuff will be going down your drain) and leave your hair soft.
(Just looked it up).
I guess it's more popular than I thought.
A little oil can help condition your hair, but if you want your hair to be healthier overall, you have to watch your nutrition.
For double speed hair growth (I usually grow 1/2 inch hair a month - this helps M. grow 1 inch hair a month) try taking daily:
1 tablespoon black strap molasses (sulfur source)
1 teaspoon FOOD GRADE diatomacious earth (mix it into juice or water and drink it down) (Silica source) and
1 biotin supplement

Warning - this not only grows hair on your head but all your hair (leg hair, under arm hair, bushier eyebrows) will grow fairly quickly as well as your finger and toe nails.

Hair problems can be a sign of thyroid problems - it's worth getting it checked out.
Other things you can do to help your hair is never heat it (no curling or flattening irons and I only blow dry my hair on cold if I can't let it air dry).
Dyeing it often can fry your hair.
I had to give it up but then I switched to henna and it covers my grey well and I love the auburn color I get from it.
Hope your hair feels better soon!

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answers from Houston on

stinky and oily on your clothes and pillow cases. I use it my brows. Little results though...

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answers from New York on

Castor oil, is usually used by some african american women and hispanic women with extremely curly hair. It is for healthy hair growth and for use on brittle, damaged hair.
Give a read....

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answers from Appleton on

I have fine hair that tends to dry out mostly because I perm it and have permed it since 1979. I have used only salon shampoos for the past 8 yrs. my hair is sooooo much better. I like the Bed Head or TIGF shampoos and conditioners or the Matrix brand. During the winter I need to use leave in conditioners, Paul Mitchell works great and you only need a a very little bit. I know salon shampoos and conditioner are a lot more expensive than dollar store, grocery store, or drug store shampoos and conditioners but a liter bottle will last about a year. My hair and scalp are in much better condition since I switched. My head used to itch and itch if I used a cheap shampoo and conditioner two days in a row, I had to keep 3 different ones in the shower and trade off each day. Now no problems like that.

I have never tried castor oil in my hair but did use olive oil years ago. It does help but switching to a good quality shampoo and conditioner is a much better choice.

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answers from Detroit on

I did read a blog post not long ago stating that the poster will use castor oil on her lashes & eye brows in order to make them grow. Do not ask M. how she manages this because I do not have a clue but she posted that it works.....

I guess if I were you and I wanted to try it out I would pour the C oil in a small spray bottle and spray a little (light mist) on my scalp once a week and monitor it.

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answers from Portland on

I think that you can buy castor oil at a drug store. My daughter uses dry oil purchased at Super Cuts, a low cost hair salon. I don't know what's in the oil. It's definitely oily and one only uses a very small amount. It's not sticky.

I also suggest trying a better quality shampoo and conditioner. I've used Paul Mitchell's leave in conditioner successfully.

Hair is dead so I doubt that there is anything that will make it grow faster. I can see how oil would darken the lashes and make them appear fuller and longer.



answers from Los Angeles on

I do a hair oil treatment aswell as a oil face wash. I have curly hair and it gets frizzy and very dry. The treatment or wash consists of alomond oil, olive oil, glycerin jojoba and Castro oil. Works wonders.

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