Cash Out Re-finance?

Updated on January 05, 2009
M.B. asks from Wexford, PA
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So here is my dilema. My husband was transfered to Pa last year. I opted to stay here in KS with the children as I have a special need child and we were formulating a new IEP. To date he has been gone 14 months, only traveling home twice a month on weekends. We tried to sell our home over the summer with two contracts that were unable to obtain financing, which in a sense made my decision for me. I would like to find out about refinancing to begin building a new home in PA and also to rent something in PA while our home here in KS is on the market. This is the only resolution I have come up with. Any suggestions would be most helpful as I am ready to have my family together again. Thanks in advance.

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answers from St. Louis on

You really need to contact a bank. I know of several people with great credit having their home equity line of credits withdrawn. Not because of their credit but because the market is such that most reputable lenders cannot determine the amount of equity in a home. There are plenty of subprime lenders still operating as if nothing is going on but you will pay dearly for that money.

I guess to sum up, be very careful who you contact.

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answers from Springfield on

I really don't know anything, but I did think of another option since that was the only thing you came up with. Have you considered "house-swapping"? I know people are doing that all over the country now and I saw a news story a few weeks ago where it is working out really well for people. There are internet sites out there about it...I don't know of any specifically since I don't plan on moving any time soon I didn't write any down or anything (I think Craig's List has this category, but I'm sure there are sites that focus on housing). Anyway...I just thought I'd through another option in the ring. Best of luck to you and your soon to be reunited family!



answers from Kansas City on

Sorry your house hasn't sold yet. Don't give up! I am a Realtor in Gardner and would love to talk to you and help you sell your home. I have several lenders that refinance: Brent Smitko at Countrywide ###-###-#### is really great. If you would like some help or want to talk call me at ###-###-####.
I hope you get your family back together soon in PA.



answers from Lawrence on

Hey M.!

My husband is a mortgage loan officer at KU Credit Union in Lawrence, KS and he might be able to help you out. You can call him at ###-###-#### or email him (Geoff) [email protected]

Hope that works!

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[email protected]



answers from Kansas City on

Patience is hard but if you refi, there are a lot of costs involved and you could end up using up equity in your home unnecessarily. Though it would all be wrapped up in your loan, you could end up spending 5-10K doing the refi between lending fees, taxes, appraisals, etc. Not to mention requirements to qualify are getting completely out of control tight. Weigh your options very carefully before you proceed on this one. It would be nice to get out to PA ASAP but...



answers from St. Louis on

Don't over extend yourself. Sell your current house and rent until in PA until it is sold. Then build.



answers from Kansas City on

Hi M. - My husband is a Mortgage Advisor/Broker in Lee's Summit, MO and he has license in all 50 states so he can help you in Kansas. We own the company and he has many options available to help you. We also owned 2 homes for 12 months and finally sold our old home last January. He was able to get us into a loan package that made it doable...tough to pay two mortgages no matter what, but he arranged the best possible situation.
Please contact him at least for advice and or comparison to other information you are receiving.
[email protected]
Good Luck!

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