Cash Flow Problem

Updated on December 08, 2008
M.A. asks from Bowie, MD
4 answers

Hi, my new job start date got pushed back to January instead of November, and I am currently experiencing cash flow problems since my last paycheck was last month. My son's tuition installment is due on Dec, 10... does anyone know of a reliable cash advance program or short term loan? I only need $700. Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

Good afternoon M.,
I am just following up on your request for some assistance
with your financial situation. My name is A. Lavoie
and I am a finacial coach who may be able to help.
If you are still in need and would like to contact me on my cell at ####-###-#### or e-mail me at
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
A. L.



answers from San Francisco on

I noted in your bio that you are a Christian. If you attend church, check with them. Often churches put funds in an account to help out members in times of need. I don't know about the short term loan places and what I have heard hasn't been positive. So, if you decided to go with one of those places be sure to read the fine print. Good Luck and God Bless.



answers from Washington DC on

I tend to agree with the other mom's. I would do the following in this order:
1. Call your school and see if there is any way to delay and/or reduce payment. Many schools have some buffer and have assistance ready for those who need it.
2. Try to find a short term job that will provide income (e.g. starbucks, kelly temps, manpower, mcdonald's, etc.)
3. If you still need help, ask your church, a family member or close friend... put your agreement/terms in writing... no matter how close you are. This could be sticky... but depending on the resources of your friends or family... they may not mind at all as long as you pay back when you say you will.
4. Go to a lender... I would only go to a reputable financial banking institution... ah... the irony of those words. Basically, go to where you have a savings and checking account... someplace like citibank or wells fargo or navy federal credit union.. a banking institution will also offer small loans and usually do so with much more reputable terms and interest rates.
5. As you are doing the above, reflect on the cost of your son's schooling and other expenses (especially miscellaneous one) and your income source and think about whether the private school is worth the money... or would public be just as good. (Not sure how old your son is:))

Best of luck to you and hang in there. Focus on the core important things and you will be provided for.



answers from Washington DC on

if i were you

with the way the market is today, i would not go that rout.

ok so your job starts in jan, in the mean time i would just go ahead and get yourself a small job. they usually pay every two weeks

something that you can do that dosent take too much thinking about, try star bucks or some where like that .

that way heaven forbid your job dosent ever get off the ground you are not in hock to one of those legal theifs.

hope this helps.

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