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Updated on March 01, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

Do you know if the carseats fit into airplane seats well? We will be flying Delta and we have a chicco keyfit 30 carseat.Thanks!

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answers from Detroit on

I just changed my answer as apparently it may not be an issue (it was for M. once... but looks like that was not typical). It will most likely be fine, but I would call Delta specifically and ask them. It does look like your car seat is FAA approved... that is the most important.



answers from Detroit on

I think they have to be approved for airline use - it should say on your seat if it is. Otherwise, check it at the gate.



answers from Washington DC on

Check Delta's website. I was on a plane where there was a toddler with a convertible carseat in use, but I had my toddler's backless booster with M., wasn't going to use it, but the attendant stopped M. to make sure I knew that I couldn't use it.




answers from Washington DC on

I'll be watching your answers to this one. I've been told 3 things - 1) that any seat rated for airline use should be allowed 2) it's often up to the discretion of the flight attendants if they allow it (for example, if the seats are narrow and you have a wide base like our Marathon, or they might insist that you hold your child on takeoff but be ok with it later) and 3) some airlines have stricter requirements than others.

As far as the keyfit, I found that seat to be incredibly easy to install with both the base and the seatbealt option, so hopefully you won't have a problem if they allow it on the flight or if they make you do the belt vs base install.

It also depends on where to/from. Our short flight from Ireland to Scotland may mean trouble for us with our seat because it's a smaller craft. Still trying to get a straight answer other than "it has to be rated for aircraft." I don't want to be at the terminal shelling out Euros for the carseat because it's over our baggage allowance.

By the way, your Chicco should be airline approved.
Can I take my car seat on an airplane?
The Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30 car seats are certified for use in commercial aircraft. Please consult your User Guide for proper installation. Our product manuals are also available on our website.


answers from Chicago on

All of them will fit, these days. But it really depends on the size of the plane.

We have a Safety First seat, and on a Southwest flight last year, it crept into about 1/2 of my seat. So I spent the flight angled in my seat in order to sit back.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

I travel often and have used an infant seat on airplanes. I too had the Chicco Keyfit 30 and it is FAA approved. I didn't bring the base when I used it and there were no problems. If you can I would request a bulkhead seat as it would give you a bit more room.

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