Carseat and Stroller Options for Second Child

Updated on September 14, 2009
T.H. asks from Davis, CA
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I will be having a second child when my firstborn is two and three months. I was just cleaning out my garage and was considering getting rid of my infant carseat/stroller travel system because I didn't use it very much with my first child. I used mostly a carrier (the Ergo) while he was an infant. I'm wondering what kinds of travel solutions have worked for other moms with children about 2 years apart. Was it worth buying a double stroller? Did you get two of the larger reversible carseats (we currently have and love a Britax--our son never did well in the infant seat)? How did you prefer to manage both kids while you were out of the house? Thanks for your responses!

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answers from San Francisco on

It's funny because it looks like everyone is saying the sit and stand. I agree! You can get an attachment for it for the infant carseat. I got the Joovy one off Craigslist for $100 and I really love it. It's lightweight (compared to double strollers) and it fits in my little Honda Fit. It even fits 3 kids. I use it when we have my sons friend with us. The baby sits in the front and the two boys take turns, one sitting one standing. Its awesome! Everyone gets a free ride!
My only complaint is that the seat doesn't go back that much. But its no big deal for us.
Good Luck!



answers from Fresno on

I have 2 girls (2 1/2 and 5 months) and I love the Sit and Stand stroller. It can hold an infant carrier or be used as a regular seat. The 2 year old will like the freedom of sitting on the back. My daughter loves it and we take it everywhere. You will definitely need a double stroller of some kind if you want to leave the house. I also used the Baby Bjorn a lot so if I needed to chase the 2 year old I could. The 1st few months it will be hard to leave the house, but now that my daughter is 2 1/2 she minds really well so it is fine.



answers from San Francisco on

It is hard to manage outside the house at times, bring snacks and toys for the toddler and put him in the shopping cart and ergo or moby or sling baby. our 2nd baby is now 5 months and big brother is 25 months old and I am looking into getting a joovy sit and stand stroller where there is a stand on the back for the bigger child and regular stroller in the front for the baby- I think there is an infant seat adjuster if you want that while baby is still newborn. We also have the doubler BOB stroller for walks around our neighborhood and into the open space by our house- and I think it is worth having because we walk close to everyday and it is big but still manageble in a store. Most concerns with kids being 2 years apart is the toddler does not have much sense of personal space and tries to hug the younger with too much strength but he loves his ittle brother and I know they will be good friends
good luck


answers from Sacramento on

I have two boys that are 4 years apart and I loved the sit and stand my mother and father-in-law gave me! I chose the one from Goore's as it was more user friendly than those I found at Target or Babies R Us at the time. (almost 4 years ago) I would attach the infant carrier to the stroller and my 4 year old loved the ease of being able to either sit or stand. Remember that each child is different and your second may do better with the infant carrier than your oldest. In this economy I would try what I have on hand before spending more money. If you do choose something different I have found selling baby items on Craig's list to be GREAT!



answers from San Francisco on

I had 2 different double strollers and they were a pain to move with. I prefered a sit and stand stroller and used a front pack with the newborn. Remember you are not going to want to go out alot when the newborn is little so he/she won't get exposed to the flu bugs.

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