Carpet Stain

Updated on November 16, 2013
P.N. asks from Papillion, NE
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My dog got into a bag of candy corns overnight. I now have a big red stain on my light carpet. I have been able to get most the stain out it is now pink instead of red. Any ideas how to get the stain out?

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answers from Dallas on

We use ZEP aerosol spray from Home Depot.

I have managed to get rid of doggy vomit stains and red wine stains on our almost white carpet.

You spray it well.. let it sit briefly, soak up all the ZEP with a paper towel.

On a BAD stain, we sprayed it, let it sit, then put paper towels on the stain then put a steam iron on the paper towels and the stain came out. You have to be careful doing this because you can end up with a lighter spot than the rest of the carpet.

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answers from Houston on

I use Folex for carpet stains. Love it!! I get it at Lowes.

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answers from Washington DC on

Combine Dawn dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxicide

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answers from St. Louis on kidding. Works like a beast on any stain but especially stuff that is red or purple. We have a champagne beige carpet in the bedrooms of our house and one of my kids friends had red Twizzlers up there. Needless to say, the bright red, gooey mess that was the Twizzler ended up embedded in my carpet! I freaked out at first until I realized that I had heard that Oxyclean was great on stains like this and should work. I went down to the laundry room, got the Oxyclean and mixed it per directions. Worked like a charm and the stain literally vanished in a few seconds. No kidding!

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