Carpet Cleaning - Madison, WI

Updated on July 22, 2009
V.B. asks from Madison, WI
8 answers

How can I find a good carpet cleaner?

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answers from Waterloo on

If you are looking for spot cleaner for carpets (spills, etc) get Tough Stuff - very cheap! It's available at Wal-Mart in the automotive dept (by the air freshener, cleaner, etc). My father in law owns a carpet cleaning business and that's the only spot cleaner he will use!

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answers from Green Bay on

what area are you from? my husband does it -- that's why i was asking!



answers from Minneapolis on


If you are in the Twin Cities area, Clean Carpets and More does a great job and a very reasonable price. ###-###-####. To find someone, I usually start with the coupons that come in the mail and find a few good ones. Remember to look at more than price per room because some room size maximums are so small, all your rooms end up being two and it costs more. Also make sure they have a shampooer that runs from their vehicle so they can keep the water hot. It gets your carpet much cleaner. I also prefer family owned businesses. If you go to a franchise like Stanley Steamer, you pay a lot more because of the middle man costs.

Once I have a few places that look good, I call the places and talk to the owners. You really can get a feel for people over the phone in just a few minutes. I try the one I feel most comfortable with.

Good luck,



answers from Minneapolis on

call this company....AVALON....they are the best....



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't know if you are talking about a cleaning product or a vaccuum, but I always like to do my research on Amazon since you can check out reviews and see how other people liked the product first. I just bought a steam cleaner on there with nine hundred and some reviews and almost a five star rating. It makes me feel better to make any purchase.



answers from Minneapolis on

If you want to buy one to clean the carpets yourself, we have a Bissell Pro-Heat SpinBrush cleaner. With 3 little boys, we use it a TON and it's AWESOME.



answers from St. Cloud on

Try looking for a Chem Dry in your area- they are independently owned franchises but are now affiliated with Home Depot. I have always loved their work.



answers from Minneapolis on

We LOVE Zerorez. They clean you carpets with really really hot water and no soap residue or chemical. Not sure how they do it but our carpets always end up looking like new and they are over 15? years old!!

###-###-#### or check out the website at

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