Carpeltunnel Surgery

Updated on December 26, 2009
D.L. asks from Jarbidge, NV
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My doctor says i need surgery on my wrist for carpeltunnel. I have worked on assembly lines or production lines most of my life and it has been hard on my body. I have been getting shots of cortizon in my wrist for a while now and that hurts like heck but does feel better for a few months after. My daughters dont want me to get surgery they say just keep getting the shots plus I cant afford to be out of work after the surgery. Any one have this surgery and how long was it till yopu could go back to work and did it really make the problem go away for good? thank you for reading.

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answers from Indianapolis on

You need to go to the EGOSCUE website. You'll be able to better understand your carpel tunnel and realize that surgery really won't be a fix. Listen to your daughters!! There are exercises you can to do re-educate muscles and reposition your shoulder, etc to allow proper circulation and neurological function in the wrist and hand.

I'm a certified posture alignment and pain management specialist and I've seen it over and over. Trust me on this one. Worth checking into and putting a little effort into, as well.

There are also a couple of books you might want to invest in.....PAIN FREE AT YOUR PC (some of the same issues as carpel tunnel) and PAIN FREE - both by Pete Egoscue. You should be able to find used ones on Amazon. EXCELLENT user friendly reference.

Let me know if you have any more ?s and how it goes. PLEASE, don't ignore my recommendation. You'll be glad you made the effort to look into it further and realize it CAN get better WITHOUT surgery!

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answers from Cleveland on

I had this surgery on both wrists, and YES it made the problem disappear. It's been 9 or 10 years now, and I've had no problems whatsoever.

Your daughters may feel differently about the surgery if they experienced carpal tunnel syndrome themselves. It's miserable, and I hate to see anyone live with something that is so easily fixed.

My job is different than yours, so it's hard for me to say how long until you can return to work. If I recall, I think I was only off for a few days, but I do office work. After about 10 days I could put a decent amount of pressure on my hands (lean back on them from a sitting position.)

And in case you're wondering, my scars are barely noticeable. They're very thin white lines, about an inch long at the base of my palm.

I hope this was helpful, and I really hope you find a way to have the surgery. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to send me a personal message.

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

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answers from Cincinnati on

First let me say get a good surgeon. Mine was fabu;ous. I di well recouping. Also I am surprised by your question in part about making it go away. I have had it one both hands. It is NOT a corrective surgery. Nothing will correct it to make it go away. If your dr has given you that impression get another dr right away. It is a progressive desease and shots will only make it worse in the long run because you have not done anything to rid yourself of the thing causing the issues. It halts the progress. But as I was told if you do what caused it it can and does come back. I know someone who worked in a cardboard factory he has surgery 3 times (my surgeon would only do it 2 times if necessary). He is now considered disabled. He cannot open nor close his hand completely. While I did sorting and was a seamstress my whole life and I am 53 know I got mine frm playing a flute in high school. It also may have had something to do with catching my hand in the older wringer washers as a child. I have not had problems since or atlease not bad enough to return to the surgeon. I ran a drapery workroom for 10 years and never had any issues. I would say have the surgery and follow orders. I took longer to recover with the right hand that was the first surgery. Left hand I felt I could have returned to regular activities in 2 weeks the second time. The first time it was 6 weeks or more. I had more medication the first time. I had minimal anesthesia the second time. The meds that put you in twilight I had a reaction too and they said that caused the delay in recovery.

I forgot the main issue after is no lifting of more than a small paper back book. I had the endoscopic method.
Carpel tunnel is caused by swelling and weight gain.



answers from Cleveland on

I went to school for massage therapy and am currently in school for nursing, but you might have another option instead of surgery. When they perform the surgery all they are doing is cutting the tendon that is causing problems. You might want to check with your insurance to see if you can go to a massage therapist and with some therapy they might be able to help relieve some of the pressure. You may want to look into a nueromuscular mt or possibly even a sports mt (mt=massage therapist) or even talk to a physical therapist to see if they can help you.



answers from Cleveland on

Both my sister and my mom had this surgery. My sister also works in a factory doing piece work. I think she was off work for about 6 weeks but is SO glad she did it. Her hands don't fall asleep any more, no more of that tingling sensation and they no longer hurt. My mom is a secretary so her's was caused from all the typing she does, but she's glad she got hers done as well.
So, in my family, that's 2 for 2 on the "pro" side for the operation. I say go for it!



answers from Fort Wayne on

I had Ulnatunnel surgery. Same thing (pinched nerves) but on the side of my wrist. I had surgery on Thursday and was back to work on Monday, I was working in a day care so I didn't have to do any detailed activities with my hands. But... after the initial recovery period, I have had not pain what so ever and haven't had to get any more shots and I can knit and crochet again, something I had all but given up do to the pain.



answers from South Bend on

I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands 3 wks. apart this fall and would gladly do it again. I also worked in a factory doing pc. work for 15 yrs. It was immediate relief for me. Now I will say you will have soreness with the surgery for awhile after, but I think 6 wks. at the most is what you would have to miss work. It was 2 weeks after surgery when I started doing things. We burn wood and I was lifting big pieces of wood 3 weeks after surgery.
Also if you let it go it will eventually work up to your shoulders. That's what happened to me, but immediately after the surgery that pain was gone.
Good luck.



answers from Indianapolis on

my mom just had the surgery & she had to keep the brace on for 2 weeks, i think (the brace wouldn't really allow her to drive or do much). It was an easy surgery though & not too much pain after (from what she told me).

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