Carpal Tunnel Symptoms While Pregnant: Any Ideas on Relief??

Updated on January 19, 2010
L.M. asks from South Bend, IN
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Hello ladies: I'm about 14 weeks into my second pregnancy and am already noticing carpal tunnel symptoms: primarily numb hands/fingers at night. I had trouble with this in my first pregnancy, but it didn't start until 6 months or so--so I'm freaking out at having symptoms this early! I tried hand splints with my first, which helped a little, but really nothing "solved" the problem until about a month after delivery when the symptoms went away on their own. I work with computers all day, so I can't avoid typing, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any relief through super-low sodium diets, particular exercises, ice packs, acupuncture, etc... I'll try anything to help me make it though the next 6 months! Thanks in advance!

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answers from Bloomington on

YES!!! i'm a pianist and when i practiced 5 hours a day i had some pretty serious wrist issues... (that was before i had three kids!!! :)

acupuncture totally worked for me. i would go for one or two treatments, and the pain was completely gone because it fixed the problem. the way she explained it to me was that there are lots of little bones in the wrist and they can get locked together and pinch the tendons and nerves. she would do a treatment and massage my wrist and it would fix it for several weeks or even months. anytime my wrist/arm pain flared up i'd go back and she fixed it again. try it, it really works!!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

Google the EGOSCUE website. You'll find some e-cises (exercises) for relief. Might want to pick up a copy of PAIN FREE BY Pete Egoscue, too. VERY user friendly.



answers from York on

the Vit B complex will help as will going to a chiropractor and getting the doctor to work on your arms, shoulders, hands and wrists.
Are you doing natal vitamins? Can you check about upping the B's. I think there is a particular B, maybe B-6, that really helped. That was a while back for me.



answers from Cleveland on

I got cortisone shots in my wrists to relieve the symptoms while I was pregnant. They only last a couple of months, but they work GREAT.


answers from Norfolk on

What helped me a lot was inserting my fingers and thumb of one hand into a medium sized rubber band and pressing outward against the band. As my hands got stronger, I would try rubber bands with more resistance.
I'm not sure why it worked, but it did. Maybe it increased my circulation (I held a lot of water when I was pregnant). If you let your hand go limp and squeeze your arm just above your wrist your fingers of the limp hand will curl slightly. If you feel the top of your arm just above your wrist as you extend your fingers, you'll feel some muscles working there, so pressing outward works out the muscles of the back of your hand and the top of your arm and that may help to keep that narrow carpel tunnel channel open a bit more so the nerves that run through it don't get as pinched. I work with computers, too and I still work my hands out this way from time to time and they feel great. To get the excess fluid out of your hands first thing in the morning, sit up, and put your hands in the air over your head for a few minutes. Drink plenty of water during your day. It helps your kidneys flush out your system and can reduce the excess water your body is holding. You are not only eating for two. In a sense, you are also peeing for two, so your kidneys are working harder than usual.



answers from Cleveland on

Sorry about being late on this...I just found this in my old mail :)

Dry warm heat is the best for me. I've been to a doctor for fluidotherapy. It's a machine that blows around corn's hard to describe but feels AWESOME! If you live in the AKron area, Mario's INternational Spa in Aurora has a machine, and the massage therapists can do it. It used to be like $25 for 15 or 3o minutes and you don't need a prescription for it. Maybe if your doctor prescribes it, you can get your med insurance to pay for it at a physical therapy facility like Crystal Clinic. Of course heating pads wrapped around your wrists would work too :)
Good luck to you!

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