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Updated on October 29, 2009
S.D. asks from Topeka, KS
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Send your idea's on carnival games!!How to make them as well or where to go to get downloadable instructions.I'm the head person to organize my son's carnival this is my first time since my little guy is in kindergarten i'm HAPPY to say i'm involoved in his school and have some adult time with other mommies.Need to mention my husband is a woodworker very good at it and will be building these for the school!!!

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answers from Springfield on

Hi S.,
Our elementary school usually has ring toss, bean bags to throw thru a board with holes (you can paint a theme), guess the number of items in a jar, fishing-give away small things or goldfish! Lots of these will help on hand/eye coordination so it's learning also. Just don't tell the kiddos. Most love face painting or balloon "art"
Have fun!!

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answers from Austin on

I work for VolunteerSpot and we've got a free eBook filled with terrific school carnival game and carnival booth ideas.

Also check out our free and easy online sign up tool. We save room moms and carnival chairs so much time coordinating parent volunteers - if your school's like mine, it takes close to 200 parents to pull off a successful carnival. Making it easy to sign up (online) helps more parents get involved. Please give us a try:

Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

I saw the cutest carnival game at my Granddaughters school last year
They hung a toilet seat on a board over a hole and the children threw rolls of toilet paper through the hole to win a prize
Also everyone received a prize whether they made a hole or not
This game had the longest line

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answers from St. Louis on

Cake walks are always a good one & easy to do. If you're school (organization) is like ours the donations would have to be Little Debbie's, chips, bags of candy etc as homemade is no longer allowed. Dart throw at ballons is fairly easy to set up with a large piece of plywood, several blown up water balloon sized balloons, & a few darts. A duck pond can be done with a wash tub, little pool & an aerator to make them move around. A succer tree (you can buy cardboard ones) or if you know a wordwooker of any sort, make a stand out of wood, can be a small wall, a square, triangle, whatever, have them drill several holes the size of succer sticks at an angle & not all the way through, color the end of the stick different colors to coordinate with the prizes... not all sticks have to be colored because they get to keep the succer. you can line up several buckets - mop size or pumpkin Halloween ones if it's soon (whatever number you would like) having them in a vertical line instead of a horizontal one & give the kids the same number of ping pong balls (maybe an extra one) then they have to make the balls in the bucket in order 1, 2, 3 & they can't move to the next bucket until they make the one before it & what ever number they get in coordinates with a prize, hopefully that made a bit of sense, if not & you're interested let me know & I will clarify better. Hopefully these will help getyou started. Have Fun!!

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answers from Kansas City on

You can get a piece of particle board(4by8) and cut out holes in various places on the board to toss bean bags at. The bean bags are easy to make, just sew 2inch squares and fill with cheap beans. Hve donations for a white elephant sale and charge so much for wrapped unknown items. musical chairs. cake walk. Have someone go to the carnival store in overland park to pick more ideals and prizes thanks G.

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answers from St. Joseph on

One carnival game we've always liked was tossing ping-pong balls into little plastic water-filled fish bowls (with no fish in them, of course). If you got a ball in a bowl, you won an inflatable fish toy, a bag of Swedish fish candy, or a beach ball.

Also, I was looking for some ideas for my son's upcoming birthday, and came across this site:

Thought you might be able to use it! :-)


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