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Updated on March 01, 2011
N.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi moms

I'm currently a SAHM mom with my 19 month old son, and appreciate being in this position. However, at some point I would like to work again, especially once he's in school.

I'm just not sure what I want to do! I'm thinking of going to a career coach or counselor and would be open to studying towards a new career (time/expense permitting). Has anyone had experience with this kind of guidance? Was it worthwhile? What sort of costs does one expect, and how long does it take? Did you do it in person or does a telephone/skype/email relationship work just as well?

Do you have any recommendations on a specific person? I am in Chicago but if telephone counseling works just as well I'm open to that, if the counselor/coach in question is really awesome.



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So What Happened?

Hi again: I should probably add that I've taken tests online and in the past: I know I'm an ENFJ, for example, on the Myers Briggs. I feel I need some more specific and personal coaching, as there are a number of fields I'm interested in, I have a background in both public relations and in professional organizing, I'm just not sure I want to go back into either of those. I need someone to help me really figure out and narrow down my viable options, beyond doing my own research or online tests. Thanks!

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You can call one of the Universities in Chicago and ask to speak to one of the adult education guidance couselors. I hope to do the same thing later this year, money permitting me to return to school of course. They can help point you in a direction. A friend talked to someone at Depaul but decided she did nt want to study anymore but the person was helpful. And she did not pay for the talk.


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After a year of college without a major, my Dad took me to a career counselor in Indpls. He had me take a personality/interest/strength/
weakness test. Then, I had a followup meeting where he taped his recommendations. He discussed three career fields that would fit my ppersonality, interests, ect... He taped the conversation and gave me a print out of my results. I did chose one of the three and LOVED it! He definitely pinned the nail on the head. I think it may have been between $200-$300 total, but that was 13 years ago...
You may see if you can find a similar test online!



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The community colleges all have career centers that are open to the public and you can utilize their resources. Although you have already completed the Myers Briggs there may be other assessments. Another site to check out is they have several resources for free. On your own you can start working on lists of elements that you liked/disliked in your past careers and your priorities (e.g. salary requirements, working environment, hours, number of people you work with etc).



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One of the most common personality tests for career placement is the Myers-Briggs assessment. You can check the career center at a local university to see if they offer the test or other ones like it. At a college or university they will also probably include a session with a career counselor in the cost. You may be able to take the test online as well.

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