Career Day at Kindergarten!

Updated on September 26, 2008
T.S. asks from Zionsville, IN
6 answers

Does anyone have good advice on how to have a good career day???

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answers from Fort Wayne on

For kindergarteners?? That seems a little boring to me. I mean, no matter how you do it atleast part of the day would be spent with little 5 and 6 year olds having to hear about job descriptions. I know my little girl wouldn't find it fun unless it was a veterinarian that brought in animals, a policeman that brought stuff that makes noises and flashes and shows them his car, or a firefighter that takes them outside to see his fire truck....and that comes from the mother of a girl who is really good at paying attention and is an active listener! For other jobs though, I don't see the point this early.

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answers from Toledo on

I would also suggest taking a disposable camera with you and letting the children take pictures themselfs. My 5 yo LOVES to take pictures, but a digital camera is best b.c you can delete the pics and they can see the results right then. However, I would trust 20 5yo with my personal camera. Have fun!



answers from Fort Wayne on

If possible, take a polariod camera and take pics of each child for them to take home with them that day, or take 35mm pics of each child, and then send them to school when they are ready.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I would use your profession to make a fun demo. Talk about your profession and then make them the example. Taking photos of their classroom, the students, and even some of their favorite items in the class or play areas (inside and outside). Then if you print the photos there (paper version not photo paper) and have them make a collage. Lots of fun. Hope this helps!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

Ask for local volunteers from local business and of course, involve parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, who want to be involved.

They can do some age appropriate things with the kids or demos and talk about what it takes to do their jobs.

In addition, we had play boxes w/ dress up clothes in them...firefighter, nurse, policeman, teacher, etc. Let the kids "get into the role" via dress up, too and talk about the various roles. You could do this prior to the event/day.



answers from Cincinnati on

It sounds like fun. Just explin about your job and take loads of things for them to see while you are speaking. I did something like this once for the grandsons. They were looking for people who use Math in their work to come and speak. I am a seamstress and was scared I would lose them. It was for grades K-3. I took a chair and showed how to make a seat cushion pattern. I took some of the tools of my trade such as a cloth tape measure for measurings that are not flat. Took rulers from 66" to 60" long. and a retractable tape measure. I explained there were different occassions where the right tool made a difference. I measured a child which was a big hit. I would probably take different cameras or different lenses and pictures made with each one to show why they are different. If the teacher is teaching properly for this day you should be fine.

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