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Updated on December 23, 2011
L.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello! My husband is 42 and has worked in restaurants all of his life. He currently owns his own restaurant, but does not make any money. He needs to start a new career. What are some good resources for him? He needs someone that can look at his skills and make suggestions about possible career paths, and also suggestions for additional training.

Please help!

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answers from Washington DC on


Check into your community colleges...they have programs for people who are looking for a career change.

Since he has worked in restaurants and owns one - has he considered selling it to an investor and working for them for salary? That would keep the consistency of the restaurant and employees....

also check into other "chains" where he can work as the manager for a salary with's something he knows and is good at, right?

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answers from Charlotte on

Could he run a restaurant for an owner? That is less stress, and a salary. He could also try to negotiate a percentage if he increases profit, which can work by using the right chef and really paying attention to the menu items offered, and ways of purchasing food.

Good luck!

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answers from Eugene on

In our community, there are employment counselors available through our county worksource office. There is no charge for their services. The office also has classes to help prepare you for a career change: computer classes, resume writing, interviewing prep, skills testing. You might ask at your local unemployment office to see if there are similar services available in your area.

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answers from Portland on

Community colleges have courses that will provide what you describe.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I went to Google and typed in "career counseling Dallas TX" and got a long list of possiblities. Another search would be "outplacement Dallas". I currently work for an outplacement firm. They work only with corporate clients, but they make referrals to people who work with individuals.

Make sure to ask about credentials and experience of the person he would work with. Also I would be sure to understand what the process will include - career assessments and review of results, how much time with a counselor, help with development of a resume, etc. Be comfortable with the cost - it should not be overly expensive to get this help. If you can't pay for this at all, check into State or County work force centers. But, based on my experience, you do get what you pay for...

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answers from Dallas on

Dear L.,

My husband has been a business owner for over 25 years and he offers services as business' evaluator to improve efficiency in businesses, reviewing business models, contracts, etc. He is also an attorney. He is a great counselor and he could offer your husband some ideas as to how to best handle the restaurant at this time whether to keep, close down, sell, etc. and guide him into new direction ideas. He can call him at ###-###-####, at the Haugen Law Firm, PC and schedule an appointment to see him. Have him ask for John. Best wishes and God bless!

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answers from Dallas on

there is a great book called 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller, start there and it will walk him through the rest of the process!

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