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Updated on February 11, 2017
B.A. asks from Dublin, OH
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I know that this is going to sound like a really strange question, but do your young kids like playing with slime?

The reason I ask is because my 5 year old needs to take Valentine cards to school next week. He's not allowed to put candy or food in them, so we were looking at Pinterest for other ideas. The one that he really liked was a card with small jar of slime attached to it and the expression 'Have a 'goo' Valentine's day!' Not exactly what I had in mind, but my husband thinks its an awesome idea. This isn't something I really want to debate with my son, but I don't want to do something that other kids will find disgusting.

I know most of the boys in the class would probably like it, but what about the girls? I was a pink & princess type of girl when I was growing up... I probably would have thought a boy was really weird if he gave me slime. Then I would have given it to my brother.

So, do I allow him to take his slimy valentine card, or steer him in another direction?

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So What Happened?

We have to provide Valentine's for 2 different parties -- one at his part-time public school, and one at the private kindergarten he attends the rest of the week.

Because of the mess issue, we decided not to do the slime at the private school. The entire building is carpeted and there's upholstered furniture. The party is in the morning, and the kids have access to the locker room throughout the day where there's very little supervision. I know that one of the kids will inevitably open the tub and make a huge mess with it. So we had him choose an alternative valentine for that party.

We're going to do the slime valentine for the public school party. (It will be in a tub, in a cellophane bag.) Like most schools, this building has tile floors, plastic chairs, etc. The valentine exchange is being done right before the Valentine's party, and a lot of parents will be there for it. I know that the teacher has enough control over her class that the cards won't be opened there. When they get home, their parents can decide if and where their child will play with it.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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My step daughter is 6 and I know she would love getting slime. And I was the princess type too when I was little and still enjoyed playing with slime. I think it's a good idea.

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My first reaction is to check with the teacher - because no doubt some kid will open it and get it everywhere.. especially at age 5.
All mine would have liked it - both sexes. Loved it actually!

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I think everyone would have fun with it, but some substances like that can even stain clothing so be sure it is something that won't cause a bad mess.

Don't think too hard about what the girls will like versus what the boys will like - they're 5, even if some girl thinks his card is gross now, by the time your son is really interested in what she thinks of him she is likely to have forgiven/forgotten about the "goo day"!

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answers from Springfield on

Most of the kids will love it! Even several of the girls. I was definitely not a pink & princess type of girl. I would have loved the slime, and I know my nieces (8 & 10) would love it, too!

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I think this is a terrific idea! My daughter has always loved playing with slime...we call it gak. We have made it at home also. She is 7 now, but she has always thought it was neat. Even the kids who say "gross!!" are kind of fascinated with it. I guess she is not a girly girl and neither am I...we like to get our hands dirty. :) I remember they used to play with it in preschool and both boys and girls had fun with it.

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just go with it! both my kids would love it play with it for a day or two then forget where they left it. and its likely to be the case with others.
a popular addition to valentines is those temp tatoos.. which we do not allow. its just us, so the kids look at them we bring them home and disgard them or save them for our cousins who love them and use them often. if the child does not like it they can not use it or give it to someone else.



answers from Portland on

I suggest it's important to ask the teacher.

My grandkids have brought slime home in plastic zipper sandwich bags. I suggest little glass bottles may be too much. They're bulky, can be difficult to carry along with many cards.

At 5, I doubt that there would be a difference between boys and girls in preference of slime.

I'm not sure, as a parent or grandparent, I would like a 5 yo to come home with slime. It's messy and can stain. As I remember, it sticks to fabric and rugs.



answers from Sacramento on

Slime is HUGE with our 10-year-old daughter and her friends right now. Constantly making up batches of it in different colors. It's a big deal at her elementary school, so it would go over really well.

ETA: Find the recipe that uses shaving cream, Elmer's glue and Borax. Our daughter has tried a lot of different recipes for slime and that one is the winner. Not sticky and doesn't stain or stick to things.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it's incredibly sad to ruin a perfectly fun holiday that's about candy and sweets.

If you get asked at any time why not tell them if they're going to limit what the kids can put in them then just not have the party. I can't imagine having a party and not having cooking or cake and having candy to take home. I'd just rather put in what "I" want to put in and ignore their silly rules.



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I think it's fine! If you're up for it and he's into it it's a cute idea! Slime is totally great for boys and girls (be careful not to encourage gender bias here!) and as long as it's enclosed in a little tub, I think it's fine.



answers from Philadelphia on

I like slime and I'm female! Go for it!



answers from Rochester on

I would also take into consideration what might happen when the slime leaves the school. What about the bus? My kids can no longer have slime at our house because even with supervision some got on someone's pants and sock and then onto our couch and carpet. It won't come off.

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