Car Seats in Rvs?

Updated on November 24, 2008
K.M. asks from Magnolia, TX
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My family and I are wanted to take a trip this holiday season in a RV. We have a 6 month old son who needs to be in a rear facing seat. I have not been able to find much information about the laws and safety of traveling with an infant in a RV. We plan on traveling north towards Ohio which will take us a total of 3 days one way. Has anyone traveled in a RV with their young ones and can give us advice?

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answers from Austin on

When my son was around 6 months, we went in an RV from Texas to California and back. We had a small RV. What we did was change the table into the bed by dropping the table down. Then, I just faced him to the rear and buckled him in his car seat at the table spot closest to the window. We had also rigged up a board (a 1"x12" about 4 ft long) that went the length of the table seats so that we could also lay down on the bed/table area without rolling off while driving. For the most part, he did just fine in the car seat. I did take him out while driving to change him and give him a bottle but for the most part, I could lay there with him (or his sister could entertain him) and we were still in a playpen type of area so we didn't have to worry! Lots of books and toys and little baby snacks will make the trip easier!!
Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Don't freak out, but the best thing about traveling in an RV is yur not restricted!! The only seat belts are the ones in the front. So it is perfectly OK if you want to jump in the back and hold your baby and play with him and be free to move around.



answers from Houston on

We traveled from TX to Florida when my son was 1.5, fortunately my dad drove like a bat out of hell and it only took one day. My son and I stayed in the bed in the back and watched tv. I know it wasn't the safest but it was the only option.



answers from Victoria on

I have seen on the TLC show, 17 and counting, they take there RV and they have a few little ones. They hook them up in the chair. Usually RV's have captians chairs and sometimes they have four of them. If you can turn one of those chairs around that should be safe. You should also contact your local police department or department of motor vehicles they should be able to help. And think about if you actually did get in a wreck your seating is higher up and I dont think much damage would be done toward the inside of the RV. Be safe and God bless your trip.



answers from Killeen on

I went camping with my in-laws when my daughter was about 2 mo. old, I just made sure her car seat was in one of the seats facing forward so her seat would be rear-facing. As long as you set up the base/car seat just as you would in a normal car, then your baby will be safe =)



answers from El Paso on

Most Rv's come with seat belts in most of the seating area's, if this is the case use the rear facing seats. If not most states do not require the use of the seat belt if none are available. I would suggest using the front right passenger seat for securing the child seat if nothing else is available, better safe than sorry.
The above statement is from my husband who is a certified car seat technician. Believe me, I have learned so many things I never knew about car seats:) If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

C. B.
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answers from Houston on

I know that when traveling in an RV you must be buckled, so I would say your baby will need to be in his seat also. Call a RV dealer maybe that could help with all your questions. That's all I know.

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