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Updated on September 17, 2010
A.J. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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Hello Moms!
I'm currently looking for a new car seat for my 14 month old. She's very tall for her age, and I'm looking for something that will grow with her. So far, I've looked at the Safety 1st Complete Air carseats and the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, but I question their ability to last because of how tall my daughter is (she was 27 lbs and 31 in. at her 1 year check up). Any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE the Britax Marathon!! I used it with my oldest until I switched her to a booster seat. She has always been tall for her age as well. We never had a problem! It is more money, but I felt that it has been worth every cent. I am now using it with my youngest; all I did was buy a new cover.

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answers from Naples on

We have the Britax Marathon - and my daughter loves it! - She says that it is very comfortable, and from my research it appears to be very safe. Please do yourself a favor - and watch this won't be sorry.
If the link doesn't work, then please go to Youtube, and search "5 point carseat" and watch the first thing that comes up by the KCMILLER FAMILY. It's very informative, and you'll appreciate the knowledge that you gain. Good luck! Safety first not price!

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answers from Minneapolis on

She's not that big! My youngest was rear facing until he was 3yrs old, 42" tall and 35lbs. Your daughter is not that big, so don't worry about a seat fitting her, just find a seat that has a higher harness weight and height. Avoid anything that only harnesses to 40lbs, and avoid the Cosco ALpha Omega 3-in-1.
What car seat is she in now? She's only a year old, she needs to remain rear facing. please google EXTENDED REAR FACING and JOELS JOURNEY.

The Safety 1st Complete air will easily rear face your daughter to age 3, and it will forward face to 50lbs, and its a very tall seat.

First Years TrueFit Premier will rear face to 35lbs, forward face to 65lbs. Its a nice tal lseat that my 5yr old still has plenty of growing room in (he's 46" tall and 45lbs). This is the seat I got for our new daughter, we are adopting her from Ukraine. SHe is 3 and will be rear facing in it.

Britax Roundabout 50 will rear face to 35lbs, forward face to 50lbs.

Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL will rear face to 45lbs, forward to 80lbs.

These are all appropriate seats for your daughter that will allow her to rear face as long as possible, keeping her 500 times safer in teh car, and in the harness forward facing beyond the bare minimum of 4yrs and 40lbs.

When rear facing the seat is outgrown when the child hits the weight limit or there is less than one inch of hard shell above the childs head. The harness should come from jsut at or below the shoulders, and the child is safest rear facing until they hit the rear facing weight limits of hte car seat. Feet touching the seat are NOT a problem and should never be a reason to turn a child forward facing. The AAP, NHTSA, Safekids, and even car seat manufacturers recommend children remain rear facing until the yare at least 2yrs and 30lbs, or until they max out the seat rear facing.

Please google extended rear facing and Joel's journey so you cna keep your little girl safest.

PS a few have mentioned the Britax Frontier... that cannot be used until a child is 2yrs old, regardless of size. Thats because, like everyone else, Britax wants you to keep your child rear facing until age 2 or longer.

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answers from Boise on

I love my son's Britax Boulevard

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answers from Dallas on

I haven't read the other post, but last week Yahoo posted an article about Booster seats and I know the Safety 1st were on the fail list. I know car seats and booster seats are different, but this maybe something you want to look into before making a purchase. If I remember correctly, the Graco Nautilus did better. Don't take my word for it, please try to google and find out exactly which failed.

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answers from St. Louis on

Try Britax (and Britax marathon).

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answers from San Francisco on

Both my kids are in Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 car seats. We love them and have NO complaints! I also love the fact that we can keep these car seats through all their future needs (booster won't expire until my almost 2 year old daughter is 12!) I feel very safe with these car seats, but have not experienced an accident (THANK GOODNESS).

Hope this helps with your decision making.



answers from Huntsville on

I am planning on getting my 4 1/2 year old daughter the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 in a few months when we have the money. We have never been able to afford the higher end car seats. She is still in a 5-point harness seat right now, and still has a bit of room to grow in it, but the Graco Nautilus will give her even more room to stay in a 5-point harness. She is small, though, so we don't have the problem of her outgrowing it too soon. At her growth rate, she MIGHT be able to use the backless booster part when she gets to high school! :-P

I am small as well, and the sad thing is I've seen high back boosters that will accommodate MY height AND weight!! And I'm 26 years old! LOL Almost makes me feel like I need a booster :)



answers from Chicago on

I have the Graco Nautilus. My daughter is also tall, 36 inches at 2 yrs. Most people think she is at least 3, maybe 4. I currently have the seat all the way down for the headrest but it will expand quite a bit before she will outgrow it. I like the fact that I can change the seat into jsut the base when she is older and no longer needs the back. The only complaint I have is because my kids tend to twist the seat belt when they help her into the seat. Then I have to work it so it is not twisted anymore.
One time my d got sick and it was very easy to take the covers off, wash them and then put back together.



answers from Seattle on

Both of our tall and big daughters have used the britax marathon, goes to 65lbs! Now we have the britax frontier booster which harnesses to 80lbs! Becaus of how long you can use these, they're worth the money. And superb safety ratings! We were in a fatality accident with a marathon and our daughter was fine.


answers from St. Louis on

We have the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 and love it. Our child is also very tall and this has seemed to grow with him just fine. It also has great safety ratings. As far as the Britax they are really costly. I know that when it comes to your children money shouldn't matter, but with the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 you get more for your money as it is just as safe.


answers from Myrtle Beach on

Just got my almost 4 year old the nautilus, we love it!!!

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