Car Seat/ Stroller for New Baby!

Updated on March 03, 2010
S.H. asks from Mishawaka, IN
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I have a 4 year old girl who we bought a graco travel system with the car seat and stroller. Well, now its pretty much too old i believe to use for our new one (expecting in June). Any debates on that? I thought that after 5 years the car seat expired?
Have any other mothers experienced this? Do i buy a new car seat/ travel system? What about the ones with the toddler seat on the back? Or do i just buy a new car seat and try to fit it in my old stroller?
What have you mothers done in this case when the kids arent that close in age to pass it down?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Graco expires 6yrs from the date of manufacture, in the December of the year of expiration. So if it was manufactured in 2005, it will expire December 2011. Check the date stamp or the sticker for the date of manufacture.

My boys are 3.5yrs apart and I used the same infant seat for my second that we used for our oldest. As long as its not expired, its not been mistreated, not been in an accident, the harenss hasn't been washed and its been stored safely, its good to use.



answers from Columbus on

The good thing about the graco travel system is that most of the seats are interchangable. Meaning you could just replace the car seat. As far as a double stroller or the stand and go, it depends on how big your four year old is. Most of them are designed with a 40lbs max limit. If your daughter is more than 40 lbs you can still use one however her legs may be too long and if she drags them on the ground or as my son did on the wheels she cound become hurt. Also once they get close the the weight limit the stroller does become difficult to steer and manuver. I did see something in the One step ahead. It atatches to the back of the stroller and the older old can stand on it.



answers from Cincinnati on

Check the car seat to see when it was manufactured, and then you will know when it expires. Most expire 5-6 years after manufacture, but your car seat book should tell you for sure. My car seat was manufactured almost a full year before we bought it, so it was definitely expired. I didn't buy a new travel system, though. I just bought a car seat and will attach it to the stroller that we already have and I love. My daughter is 4 as well and we are expecting our second in June. Since I hardly ever use the stroller with her, I'm just expecting her to walk everywhere and don't plan on investing in a double stroller or one with a seat for her.



answers from Detroit on

Before you decide to buy a new one check the back of the seat to see when it expires. You may still be able to use it. If you do need a new one I would get another Graco so you can use the same stroller. I replaced the carseat that came with my travel system with the Graco Safe Seat and it fits in my old stroller. They do not match but I only used the seat with the stroller for a short time and didn't really care that it didn't match.
I liked the safe seat because it goes up to 30 lbs instead of 20 lbs so I didn't need to buy another rear facing seat!
Good Luck!!
Many Blessings, K.



answers from Sherman on

Check the date on the back of the carseat. If it's expired then just buy a new carseat



answers from Indianapolis on

Go online and check for recalls first.then call graco(there should be a number on the back of the car seat)to see if the have replacements.

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