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Updated on January 31, 2007
S.W. asks from Chicago, IL
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My baby is about to outgrow his infant car seat at 22 lbs. I am going to go to the ?convertable seat (rear facing) I just got a note from consumer reports stating that they have taken off their last review on car seats due to faulty information. SO where does one go to research this topic? Has anyone done the research and has some tips on which car seat is safest?

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ETA: I looked up the CR research and here you go:

Britax Roundabout and Evenflo Triumph 5 both got an 81. The Evenflo is $100 cheaper.
Cosco Alpha Omega got an 80 (that's the one that will last you until they are 100 pounds).
Britax Marathon got a 58 but was the most expensive out of the bunch.

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most of the faulty research from Consumer Reports was about infant seats, not convertible seats, so they are still the best place to go for safety ratings.

This will give you ease of use ratings which isn't necessary the same as safety ratings:

I second the other person who mentioned the Evenflo Triumph 5. It is just as safe as one of the Britax models (can't remember which one) and about $100 cheaper. We have the Triumph 5 and love it. Just make sure you get exactly the Evenflo Triumph 5. There are other Evenflo models that have similar names but only the Triumph 5 received super high praises.

There's another convertible car seat out there that actually goes to 100 pounds (unlike the Evenflo that only goes to 40). It's more expensive than the Evenflo, but it's the last car seat you'll need. You won't need a booster. I think it's the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite. I have a friend with twin boys and she LOVES this carseat.



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Britax is probably your best bet, but they are pricy!!! I have an Evenflo (I think) Triumph, which mimics the comfy-ness of the Britax. At the time I bought it, the ratings were high. That was 2.5 years ago though. The ratings are important, but so is ease of use. Check out, or even read parent reviews on toysrus, etc.



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I did the research on these about 2 yrs ago. Can't remember my exact resources, but a lot of internet research went into it for sure, along with CR. We ended up with the Britax Marathon, but I was also considering the Triumph 5. I have friends that have this one and like it. Can't go wrong with the Britax, though. And my latest discovery is a wheel/handle combo that is called Go Go Babyz - it attaches to the seat for travel. (I think it fits many brands of conv. seats.) It's great when you are wheeling through the airport with bags and also need to take the car seat along. Strap baby in and wheel him along!



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Hey S.! Marco is about to outgrow his carseat too. Britax is the best,by far. I recommend the Roundabout. You can face it rear or forward and I believe the weight limit is 50 lbs.
Marco has been using the carseat that came with the Metrolite Travel System but its time to upgrade as the weight limit is 22 lbs. I love my stroller but I probably can't place the bigger carseat in it. Although he now sits in his stroller without the carseat,my concern is waking him when he's asleep while transporting him! These are the times I leave him in his carseat and just place it in the stroller. We are looking at buying the Britax Roundabout but I don't know if we have to get a new stroller as well or what. As a matter of fact, I think I may ask mamasource too see what I find out!



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I thought you might find this useful. is offering a $50 e-gift card with the regular price purchase of $269 on selected seat cover styles.

And if you go to Coupon Codes and look up Target they provide you a link for 10% off. Or you can get 10% off through AAA.

This is only good until 2.3.07. I didn't think that the shipping was a bad price $13.

Hope this helps someone also looking for a Marathon!




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Our research pointed to Britax, and I love them. We have a 'Marathon' that can be front or rear-facing, and is very comfortable. They are more expensive, but my son used his from age 6 mos till almost 4.
We had a rep show us how to properly install it, tether, etc., which was great, too.
Good luck!

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