Car Seat Question - Virginia Beach, VA - Mom with 2 kids

Updated on July 07, 2008
A.S. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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Hi Ladies - I have a strange question but I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to purchase (separately) a material lining for a car seat that one already owns. I have a blue graco snug ride infant car seat and now that I'm having a girl, I was wondering if I could buy just the cover/lining to change the color. If not, no biggie, she will just use the blue one, just wanted to give it a try. Thanks for your kind/helpful replies.

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answers from Norfolk on

We have not purchased new lining for a car seat but we have purchased other replacement parts from Graco. You can find Graco online and I would think it would be possible



answers from Norfolk on

you could look on craigslist or yard sales for a car seat the color you want and just use the seat pad from it. or go to ad see if they sell them seperately. some stores sell generic covers and some people make them some that i've seen made my locals are NICE but it all comes down to the price you want to spend.



answers from Norfolk on

Personaly, I wouldn't spend the money. I would go pick out some cute girlie fabric, and recover the cover you already have. Then you can really personalize it, and if you used either elastic or even safety pins, it would be very washable.


answers from Allentown on

Hi A.,

Check this web site, see if anything appeals to you.




answers from Norfolk on

gracois a wonderful company. Contact them and you should be able to order another liner. I bought a highg chair for my first preganncy and it was graco but did not have all the starps. I looked it up an dcalled graco and ordered more



answers from Norfolk on

Hello A.,

i googled around a little bit and found two websites you might want to look at. Well the first one i just added because the sell replacement covers but i think they are crazy. Look at the price and you see what i mean. On ebay there is somebody that sells regular seat covers for your car seat and there was at least one pink one that might work. Don't know where they have those from because it seems like graco rather sells a new car seat than a replacement cover but they have them. Hope you find one that you like. Good luck!!! - 42k -




answers from Norfolk on

Yes you can go to the Graco website and order a different cover for your seat.

R. A

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