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Updated on November 11, 2010
J.A. asks from Cheshire, CT
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Hi Mamas- Hoping for your wisdom on this! I currently have a 3.5 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn-- therefore 3 kids in carseats. I have 2 Britax Marathons and a Graco Safeseat (now called Snugride 35-- the bigger Snugride) and drive a midsized SUV (Honda Pilot). I'm struggling to figure out the best way to arrange the carseats. It's hard to get to the 3rd row because I cant fold down the 2nd row with seats in the way, so I climb thru the back. This can't be the best way!?! What arrangement has worked for you??

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answers from Chicago on

Does the middle row have to be down to get the 3rd row? If not Put baby ( behind driver)in Middle row and the two older ones in the back row on the sides that what I did in my conversion van.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Is the middle seat a split seat? So you can fold down half of the seat and leave the other half up for one car seat? If so, put the baby in the middle seat, and then fold half the seat down ad put the older two in the back.

If you can't split fold the middle seat, see if you can fit all three across with the baby in the safeseat by the passenger or driver door, the 2yr old in the middle, and the 3.5yr old on the other outboard seat.

If they won't fit three across, I would put the 3.5yr old in the third row and the 2yr old in the middle of the second row, the baby outboard behind driver or passenger, and then let the 3yr old climb over the empty middle seat to the back. HAving the 2yr old nad newborn sitting next to each other will give you ample space to lean over the seat to buckle the 3yr old. to help you, find a CPSt in your area. You have good seats so I assume you know about car seat safety and installation, but if you question at all, please visit that website and find an event or CPST in your area to help you. Its free.

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answers from New York on

If you can fit all 3 into the back (middle) seat, put the baby in the middle. If you need to put one in the 3rd row, let it be the oldest in the back. Teach him/her to buckle & unbuckle themself, & let them climb over the middle seat to get in/out. It will be fun for them, & easier for you.



answers from New York on

The older child is old enough to click himself in and unbuckle IF he knows not to unbuckle until told to. So put him in the third row and have him climb over the seat.



answers from Eugene on

It is a requirement for all people with 3 kids to get a minivan. You can't say cool with the SUV anymore. Sorry to break the news to you, especially your husband.



answers from New York on

Teach the 3.5 year old to clip herself in- make it a big deal. Once she can clip herself, then she gets to sit in the back all by herself! (my eldest loved privacy). Then she can climb in the back and you don't have to. By the way, teach independence and helpfulness now so they don't know any differently. The eldest can smooth out her bed, put away her toys, clear her plate from meals, put out the napkins for meals. The 2 year old can bring you diapers for herself and the baby. It takes longer at first, but the payoff is excellent.



answers from Boston on

can you put the two older ones in the backseat and fold down part of the second row? I am not familiar with a pilot but my sil has a durango with the third row and thats what she does. Has baby in the middle, folds down the unused part of the middle row and has the two older ones in the back.
edited: You could always get new seats for the older two and put them all in one row. I WILL NEVER DRIVE A MINI VAN! I have to have 4 wheel drive and I'm sure with you being in New England too that its a must for you also :)

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