Car Seat in Italy?

Updated on August 23, 2007
K.C. asks from Bel Air, MD
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Do we really need to bring a car seat for our 21 month old daughter to Italy? People who have been there said not to, they just held their babies..because they were not long car rides at all. It just seems unpractical to cart around the stroller AND the car seat all around Italy. An infant car seat wouldn't be a big deal, but she is in the big front facing one. I want her to be safe, but I don't think we will be driving around much. Has anyone been in the same situation?

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answers from Washington DC on

Your arms will help with hitting a pothole, but will do absolutely no good in a real accident. My suggestion would be to see if you can buy or borrow a sit-n-stroll, which is both a stroller and a car seat. You can use it on the plane too, which is probably more comfortable for a 21 month old than just the seat on the plane.

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answers from Washington DC on

you could always check the carseat as a luggage. i still haven't gone back to my homecountry with my 3 year old twinkies but when i do i shall bring the carseats. i know how people drive over there and it is soo dangerous. it isn't just the person driving the car you're in, it is other drivers as well. so, you could bring your own or get one when you get there. chicco is the brand everyone raves about.

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answers from Harrisburg on

You can get a carseat that is also a stroller why dont you invest in that, that is if you do alot of traveling they have them on ebay too and you will get a better deal but they are worth it if you travel alot.

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answers from Norfolk on

Car rides maybe short but they are SCARY! Rent a car and strap that car seat in. Don't do as the natives do. When I lived in Italy I saw a lot of babies standing up in the backseat looking back at me waving. Worried me to death and they aren't my kids. Believe me when I say the driving over there is SCARY! Lola is right, you have to worry not only about your driving but everyone elses.

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answers from Dover on

I just saw a commercial this morning about a collapsible travel car seat that is lightweight and has a carrying bag with a shoulder strap. Unfortunately, I was busy at the moment and didn't catch the name. I'm sure if you google "travel car seat" or "collapsible car seat" you may get some more info.

I, personally, would do it. If they drive anything like the folks in Rota, Spain, there's no way I'd let my child ride in a car without one. I totally understand the desire to reduce extra items to carry, but safety isn't something I'd compromise on.


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answers from Charlottesville on

Hey K. -

You absolutely have to bring a car seat for your child. It is the law. Holding a baby in the car is dangerous and as far as I can tell (I travel to Italy often and live near Munich, Germany), everyone in Italy uses a car seat, too.

Italian drivers are a lot like NYC taxi drivers. I wouldn't risk it.

Best to you!
~C. Louise Hohlbaum, author of SAHM I AM: TALES OF A STAY-AT-HOME MOM IN EUROPE

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answers from Washington DC on

Are you kidding? If you have never been to Italy before, they drive like absolute maniacs. The cars they use are very small and I think if you are planning on holding your child in your lap and expect her to be safe, that is taking a huge chance. Leave something else home and take the car seat.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi K.,
My family has been stationed in Italy for 3 years. The drivers over there are very different from over here. If you are renting a car to drive yourselves around, bring your car seat! If you know you are going to be in a taxi for more than 1 mile, bring your car seat! I know it's a pain, really I do, but crashes there are almost always high speed crashes. Do you really want to be wondering if you can keep holding on to your baby while hitting another car at 25-30 mph? Please, whatever you chose, remember to be safe. I hope I helped a little.
Your friend,
~Jen B.



answers from Richmond on

I wouldn't bring it. The most important thing is the stroller. If you have your own vehicle then I would bring the car seat. I was in Turkey and there really wasn't room and it would take too much time to put the car seat in.

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