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Updated on July 15, 2010
C.F. asks from North Reading, MA
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I am looking for a car seat for my 10 months old baby, she weights 20 pounds, I'll appreciate your suggestions

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answers from Barnstable on

I have a Britax and a Graco MyRide 65. I like the Graco FAR BETTER than the Britax, and so does my son. His head doesn't crunch down when he falls asleep like the Britax, it is bigger, has cup holders (huge plus for sippy cups and snacks) and just is a better design. Walmart has the MyRides pretty cheap (maybe $130).

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answers from Gainesville on

Britax has a cool feature on their site that lets you plug in your baby's specs and they give you the car seats that will work for you!

The new recommendations are for rear-facing till up to age 2 (and beyond if possible) so look for a seat that will take you rear-facing to over 30lbs. Our Britax goes to 33 or 35 lbs rear-facing and up to 65lbs forward. I love it because my 25 month old, 27 lbs, 95th percentile for height still fits comfortably rear-facing and that's where she'll stay till she hits the weight limit for the seat. And they stay in a 5 point harness for a long time. My son has a Britax that will take him to 80lbs with a 5 point harness.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good reliable car seat. I love my Britax seats, but I would never tell anyone they are the only seat they should purchase.

Cosco Scenera is $50, will rear face to 35lbs, forward face to 40lbs, and is a good bare bones seat. They have a girly cover, and its a good safe seat for a low price. Its not padded much but its still very safe and should last most kids to age 3 when another higher harness weight seat should be purchased.

Evenflo Triumph ADVANCE is $130 and will rear face to 35lbs and forward face to 50lbs. Great seat, no thread harness adjustments! Will fits most kids to age 5 forward facing, its a really nice padded and lots of features seat for a low price.

First Years TrueFit is $170-$230 will rear face to 35lbs and forward face to 65lbs. Nice tall seat that fits older kids well, most kdis can use to age 6/7.

Graco MyRide 65 is $150, will rear face to 40lbs, forward to 65lbs. EXCELLENT seat for extended rear facing and is a big comfy padded seat. Fits most kids to 4 rear facing and 5/6 forward facing!

SUnshine Kids Radian is $200-$300 will rear face to 40-45lbs, forward face to 65-80lbs (depending on model) and is a narrow seat, fits three across and into smaller cars easily. NICE seats.

Britax Marathon or Boulevard is $270-$300 will rear face to 35lbs (new ones will to 40lbs) and forward face to 65 (new ones will to 70lbs) I love our Britax seats ,the yare well made, easy to use and install too.

These seats will all work perfectly for your daughter, please go to the store and look at them, put her in them, try them out and see what you like .AVOID the 3-in-1 seats like the Cosco Alpha Omega nd the Eddie Bauer 3-in-1, etc. They are ok rear facing, but are outgrown really fast forward and they make horrible booster seats, they've failed EVERY crash test they've been in.... you never want to use one of those seats as a booster. Not worth the money, you can get a better longer lasting seat for the same money.

Also, here are some car seat safety tips that you may not know.
When rear facing, the harness should be just at or below the shoulders. THis prevents the child from riding up in the seat in a crash. CHildren should remain rear facing as long as possible. THe law sucks but states 1yr AND 20lbs, however the AAP, NHTSA, Safekids, etc all recommend children remain rear facing untli they outgrow the rear facing convertible car seat, or at least 2yrs and 30lbs. Feet toucing the seat are NOT a problem, and there has been no documented case of broken legs while rear facing. Please google INTERNAL DECAPITATION, JOELS JOURNEY, and EXTENDED REAR FACING for more information.,

The harness should be snug as a hug, and the chest clip should be level with hte armpits, no lower no higher. No bulky clothing in the car seat, and no aftermarket products are allowed.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I love my Graco MyRide 65. Also, this is a great site for car-seat comparisons:

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answers from Dallas on

I love the First Years Learning Curve True Fit car seat. It can be rear facing for up to 35 lbs and forward facing for up to 65 lbs.


answers from Denver on

Britax Marathon is a great convertible seat! Expensive but well worth it. The straps don't get all twisted up, is comfy for the kids and the weight limit will keep her in it until she is ready for a booster seat. Love this I use it currently with my daughter and I used it with my son until he was old enough and big enough for a booster seat


answers from Provo on

BRITAX ANYTHING!!!!! Do it! Britax is one of the best seats on the market. It is a bit expensive, but for your baby that shouldn't matter. (I found mine on ebay brand new for $170 normally $300ish fye)
They are great because normal carseats are just lined with the EPA foam, but Britax has some inside the frame so that it absorbs more of the shock. from impact. There are a couple different seats. The roundabout which is the smallest seat, then marathon, then boulevard. The Marathon and Boulevard are the exact same seat, but the Boulevard comes with a ton of extra padding and extra's.
It also has some really cute prints. Mine is the crocidile, but will eventually get the cowmoofloge cover. It comes with a belly pad for hot weather to protect your babies belly and has velcro on the straps and on the side of the cover so that the straps wont be in the way while putting your baby in the seat.
check them out!!



answers from San Francisco on

Love my Britax boulevard.



answers from Chicago on

Just as a heads up if you go for Britax, you can either find the older models going on sale right now or wait a few weeks for the new/improved models to come out. I've heard the wait is worth it.



answers from Boston on

We have a Britax Marathon. I love it however it is a big seat and has a hard time geting in some cars.



answers from Dallas on

britax boulevard for sure

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