Car Repair Service Needed

Updated on February 28, 2007
D.M. asks from Arlington, TX
4 answers

My 99 Taurus needs front brakes can't even drive to shop, brakes are totally gone. Any suggestions on towing service or auto repair shop?

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answers from Houston on

Check to see if there is a Christian Brothers Auto Repair around you in Arlington.




answers from Dallas on

Keller Auto Repair on 377 and Keller Hicks.

Ask for Dale. He recently did some work on our car. We were very happy with all services and cost was very fair! If youlook up on the "Local Business Reviews" section you can read a bit more on them.
Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Do you have any guy friends cause I know that its fairly easy to replace them if you have the rights tools?? I know my fiance can do it?



answers from Dallas on

My husband is a good car repairman. He has helped my dad with his Ford Taurus.If you would like to call him for a quote I am sure he will be reasonable.His name is Shawn M. cell-###-###-####

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