Car Rental Damage

Updated on July 09, 2017
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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Just curious what other folks experienced. Recently attended my brother's wedding out of state. My brother had/has a rental car. One of the guests drove across country in their own vehicle. The guest, while backing out of the driveway at the rental house, hits brother's rental car (brother is not in rental vehicle and rental vehicle is legally parked at curb). Brother's rental car doesn't have "extra" insurance offered by rental company, but brother has rental insurance on his own regular State Farm policy. Unsure of what insurance the guest has (if any). I had to leave right as this happened for my flight and brother is currently on honeymoon so I haven't heard anything. Mostly just wondering if anyone knew how this might pan out based on their own experience with rental vehicle accidents.

Which leads to a follow up questions (more JFF) - do you always take the extra insurance on a rental vehicle or just depend on your own if something were to happen?


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answers from Springfield on

If the guest hit your brother's car, I would think the guest would be at fault. If that's the case, the guest's insurance should pay for it. (And aren't most people required by law to have liability insurance?) If the guest has no insurance, I think they are still at fault and are supposed to pay, but if that isn't a possibility, your brother's regular car insurance can pay.

I've never taken out the additional insurance, because the insurance I carry on my own vehicle will cover me (if I were at fault) if anything were to happy while driving a rental car.

If he hasn't already, I would take pictures and call the local police to make a report. The insurance companies will all want to have copies of that report as they try to figure out whose at fault and who will pay.

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answers from San Francisco on

The only reason the car rental places try to push the extra insurance is to keep their own premiums down. Your auto insurance covers you (within your policy limits) no matter what car you are driving.
As far as the guilty person possibly driving without insurance, isn't that illegal?

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answers from Dallas on

My personal auto insurance covers me in a rental car if there is damage to the rental car.

The person who hit the rental car is at fault and should be responsible for the damages to the rental car.

Years ago, my husband was involved in an accident which totaled the rental car he was driving. We paid nothing out of pocket because it was not his fault.

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answers from Boston on

Only know about the JFF question: We don't purchase the extra insurance as our policy covers us, as does our VISA card. And we take photos with a time/date stamp before using the rental, to document dings already present. Good luck to your brother. I hope all goes smoothly.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Our personal insurance covers damage to a rental car. You file a report with the insurance company. You give them the name and info of the person who hit the car...just like if a stranger hit you. The two insurance companies work it out. It was not your brother's fault and it should be just fine.

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answers from Columbus on

I was rear ended when I was driving a rental car. I had declined the optional insurance. I called the rental agency as soon as the accident happened and they insisted that I get a police report. The local,police dept wouldn't respond to a non-injury accident, so the agency had me call the state patrol. I gave them a copy of the accident report and that was it.. never heard another word about it and neither did my insurance company.

I almost always decline the optional coverage. The only time I ever accepted it was in the middle of an ice storm when I knew there would be a lot of accidents and I just,didn't want to deal with the hassle of an accident.

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answers from Chicago on

I use a plan from my employer to rent cars and it includes insurance. A former co-worker had gotten a job with a car rental company and part of the training was to push the rental coverage even if the renter's insurance would cover. It is extra profit in most cases. In this case, hopefully your brother took a lot of pictures and got the insurance info from the driver of the other car. The rental company will go to your brother to cover the damage. Your brother would file a claim with his insurance company to go after the other driver's insurance to cover the damage.

This happened to a friend of mine some time ago. She didn't take the extra insurance. They tried to have her also pay for other damage but she had pictures of some scratches on the front bumper when she first took the car.

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answers from Norfolk on

We just use our own driving insurance for rentals.

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answers from Springfield on

make sure there is a police report ,they guy who hit the car should have insurance and that insurance is responsible for any damages.
and when we rent cars we use a specific credit card that acts like insurance, our regular car insurance covers rentals too. so no we dont purchase any from the rental company.

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answers from Portland on

We never get the extra insurance from the rental place - our plan covers rentals.

Thankfully, to date, never had this happen - so can't answer that part!



answers from Oklahoma City on

The person driving their own car, that hit another car, should have to pay for the damages. Doesn't matter if it's a rental or privately owned. They had an accident and caused another vehicle damage. It's on them to pay for the repairs.

They need to file a claim/report to their own insurance so their insurance can call the owner of the other vehicle and arrange to have it repaired.

I don't understand why there would be any question as to who is responsible for this. Anyone who causes damage to another vehicle is responsible for the repairs. Period, right?

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