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Updated on August 28, 2012
K.C. asks from Mystic, CT
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A friend told me that because my Dad was in the Army, I can apply for USAA car insurance, etc...
I am going to call them. I wanted to see if anybody here who is a daughter of an Army Veteran has this insurance !! TY

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So What Happened?

I know that My Dad does not have USAA. I will check to see if I qualify. My gutt feeling says no. I would love to use USAA for car insurance...THANK YOU for the wonderful responses !

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My dad was Air Force and I have had USAA since I got my first car - which was many many years after he was out of the service. Now I have them for my car, DH's car, my homeowner's and my mortgage. I have been VERY happy with them.

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answers from Seattle on

Best insurance in the nation. I had them through my dad's military service (your kids can have it for life), then my own service.

They're also my favorite bank.

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answers from San Antonio on

Best insurance ever!! My husband was in the Air Force. If you qualify use won't regret it.

If you bank with them you use any ATM and they refund the fees up to a certain dollar amount each month...and they have an app for your phone to deposit checks or you can deposit them using a scanner and their website if you don't want to mail your deposits. I use their online banking and it is awesome!!

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answers from Chicago on

Yes! I'm pretty sure that even though your father is no longer active military, you can still apply for car insurance. This is a fairly recent C..

You won't regret it. My husband and I each had car accidents on the same day a few years ago, and USAA took care of everything. Our homeowner's insurance is a steal too.

And the nice thing for you is that you will be able to open bank accounts with USAA for your children too. Good luck!

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answers from El Paso on

Yes, you should be able to use USAA and they are absolutely AMAZING. Super cheap insurance (I've had State Farm and Allstate call me and give me their best quotes and USAA is still cheaper/better), and have good interest rates.

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answers from San Antonio on

I am the daughter of an Air Force veteran. I have USAA's insurance, checking, savings, Roth IRA, and used to have my mortgage with them - they're great! I've been with them for almost 20 years.

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answers from Charleston on

I am! Yes, I've had it since I owned and paid for my first car. It's great, and their rates are always cheaper than the other big insurance companies. Call now! :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Great company. Do it if you can.

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answers from Washington DC on

we have them for car and home owners, but my hubby is active duty. Hubby and kids also have checking accounts through them. Only down side ... no local branches so everything has to be direct deposit or transferred from another account. You can't just deposit a check easily. Although they do have some ATM's around now.


answers from Boston on

Great company. When I compare to others, I get the best pricing. As far as claims is concerned, my husband had an accident, which he actually hit the guy from behind. Normally, you are at fault when you hit someone from behind, but the guy actually admitted and told USAA when they called him, "I needed to make a left turn, was in the left turning lane and realized I was at the wrong street, I pulled back into the lane, found the right street, but couldn't get in the left lane and came to a complete stopped, causing him to hit me". The guy actually end up paying for his damage and ours.

I am glad USAA insisted on calling the man and his insurance company. Turns out he had done something similar before and his lost his insurance with his company.



answers from Los Angeles on

My dad was in the Navy and I use USAA for lots of stuff, including insurance. I also used their car buying service, which was awesome. Great company!



answers from Augusta on

we have them for pretty much everything. Have for almost 12 yrs.
I like them. Hubby has had to get one of our cars fixed after an accident and it went smoothly. No experience with them with medical billing.



answers from Seattle on

It is great for car insurance. Home insurance, it depends. USAA doesn't like old houses.

To become a member, I think you need to be on your dad's insurance first. This is how I got in. If you are already too old to be on his insurance, it may be too late to become a member.

Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

I work in medical billing and they have been horrible for medical claims from auto accidents in my experience, worse over the last three years than ever!



answers from Washington DC on

I have mine through my stepdad, but I'm pretty sure your dad would actually have to BE a USAA member for you to get membership through him. As far as I understand, once you have a USAA number it's yours forever (like if step-dad drops the membership I can still use it), but you do need a qualifying member SOMEWHERE in the line. It's worth a try, but just be prepared for them to say no unless dad has/gets USAA.

It's fabulous insurance, give them a call and see. They have great customer service as well, so the call should be a pleasant experience. I have all of our insurance as well as banking through USAA and couldn't be happier.

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