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Updated on August 03, 2010
L.B. asks from Lubbock, TX
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Hello Mamas!

I'm curious as to what kind of car insurance you would promote as the best? I'm looking for something reliable, low cost, etc. I'm currently insured with State Farm and I've had them since Aug of 2008. I recently received a newsletter from them explaining all the benefits of having State Farm insurance and even a discount for renewing. I've discovered that all of their "benefits" pertain to customers 24 and younger. I'm 27 and since having this insurance at my one year anniversary my rate went up $30 with no tickets or accidents. I assumed their rates went up and then this time they are saying it will go up $40. They did say they processed my ticket in April of 2009 in June of 2010 and that will effect my new premium. I'm concerned that if I pay the $160 per month that next year it will go up to $200. I started at $90/mth.
I fully understand that in getting a ticket, my rate is sure to go up, but will it ever go down? Need help before the 27th when I'm supposed to renew. TIA!


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answers from Washington DC on

Shop around, I have Geico and my husband is notorious for getting a ticket every six months (no joke). We pay $155 a month for 3 vehicles.

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answers from Cincinnati on

that is weird because normally your car insurance goes down after 25 because you are out of the high risk group. We have state farm for our home owners insurance but dont use them for our car insurance. I did have american family and I can tell you to stay away from them. My car insurance doubled with them after they started doing credit checks (which I think should be illegal. I had never been in an accident, never got a ticket, and always paid my insurance bills on time, why should I have to pay them more because I have low credit, which by the way was not my fault because I was a lot younger at the time and hadnt had time to establish credit.) right now I have geico. I think their prices are resonable, and have never had a problem with them

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answers from Dallas on

You need to switch soon. We had State Farm and the key word is "had". My husband and me are both 35, no tickets, good credit, no accidents...etc. We started with a monthly payment of $120 (home & car) and it the rates went out of the ceiling...a year later we were paying $290. We were told by our agent it was an increase across the board for all those insured. So we left and switched to GEICO best move we ever made (got harassing calls from the SF agent); its been more than a year since our switch from SF to Geico. We have our multiple cars, home, and plus just added a teen driver and we pay $160 month; of course before our daughter was driving we only paid $80 a month. Good luck; I hope you find an insurance that best fits your needs and pocket book.

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answers from Dallas on

We have Farmers and have had no claims, no tickets, etc. We do have the package deal with home, jewelry and cars.

One thing Farmers offers is a discount if you pay in full vs making payments. We ALWAYS pay in full.

We have 2 high end newer model Mercedes and my bill to renew due in Aug for 6 months is $949 BUT if I pay in full, the charge is $866. That's $83 I save right there by paying in full vs charges for carrying a balance or paying per month. We do carry a $1000 deductible. This rate did not vary more than $5 from when I renewed in February.

Now in February, my daughter will have her license and I am sure my rates will go through the roof with another new car and teen driver, OUCH!

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answers from Norfolk on

If you are a member, USAA is the way to go. I also have a good history with Progressive who agrees customer loyalty and safe-driving records should be rewarded not penalized. Definitely dump State Farm!


answers from Philadelphia on

I have travelers and love it. The rates have only gone up for our policy by $30 this year, and we have 2 cars and 3 drivers on the policy.



answers from Seattle on

As far as injury claims go, progressive and usaa are the worst! State farm and geico are the best.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Insurance should go down as you age not up. It should also go down each year as your car gets older. We have State Farm and have had it forever (seems like anyway). We have 2 vehicles (both mid-2000 models) insured with them and pay about $98 a month, full coverage including road side assistance and rental car. If you ever have to file a claim they are awesome. Since they already know about your ticket this info won't help but if you do stay with them consider changing agents. I say this because my husband has a lead foot and seems to like to accumulate speeding tickets often. It must be our agent, but he must never check our driving records because our rate goes down each year as the cars and us get older.



answers from Huntsville on

Do you happen to qualify for USAA?? We love them!

I don't know much about it, but my brother got a good rate with AllState.

We had State Farm for one month before switching to USAA. I can't remember the numbers now, but wow! State Farm was expensive!!


answers from Raleigh on

I don't know if you can get it near you, but we use Erie insurance and LOVE IT!!! They have about 5 different ways of paying (everything from one time to monthly), and the rates are insanely low (cheaper than those "cheap" insurances even). We have yet to have any sort of problem with them, so if you have them in TX, look into them as well!

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