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Updated on July 14, 2010
J.P. asks from Little Elm, TX
12 answers

Can anyone tell me about Progressive or Geico insurance? What are your experiences?

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about Texas, but when I worked for a Personal Injury Attorney in Maryland, Progressive was very hard to deal with in settling claims. Geico was much better. I personally have State Farm and am happy, but I know they are expensive here in Texas, but since my husband works for them, I have no choice.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about either of those 2 companies but I will second Texas Farm Bureau ! I have had them for close to 20 years now and my parents even longer. They are easy to work with and I have had great agents. I've never had any issues with claims (and I have had to have my car fixed plus another persons). They are also the cheapest in price. I tend to check around about 1x a year just to check and consistently for they are the best coverage for the best price. Good luck !



answers from Seattle on

We had a bad experience with Progressive several years ago. If I remember correctly we had gotten a new car and added that to our insurance online. Everything was fine, we had a transaction number and everything printed. When we got our next bill a few weeks later, we noticed that the new acr wasn't on there. It was A PAIN to call them up and speak to a real person about our issue. Once we were talking to a rep, the person was rude. We switched insurance that same week (now PEMCO and very happy).
We did have a claim against soneone with Geico once and their processing was a breeze. That was good too.
Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

we just switched from Allstate to Geico...also downgraded to liabilty only as well as my husband and I both own our older cars. I'm saving a fortune! The customer service was easy to get through! took me about 10 minutes to make the switch!



answers from Missoula on

My husband and I have been insured through Progressive for about 5 years and have been very happy with them. We have never had to file a claim, but their customer service has been very good when adding cars or changing coverage. We went with them because they gave us the best price (by far) for what we wanted.


answers from Dallas on

I have never used either but you may try Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. I know they have a location in Farmersville and waco but I think they may also have one closer to you. We checked into alot of insurance company's and they were the cheapiest by far! I actually told a friend of mine that lives near Garland about them and they switched and ended up saving about $500 a month. Their number is ###-###-####



answers from Dallas on

We have had GEICO for the past year and it has been great, never had an issue. We have also not had a claim (thank goodness) but they seemed to have the best rates around. I switched to GEICO for my home, car and life insurance and saved over $150 a month! The life insurance and home insurance are brokered out through them (to Travelers and Prudential) but I still get great insurance and rates.


answers from Phoenix on

Hi Jennifer, I'm an independent insurance agent in AZ. Progressive is considered a "non-standard" insurance company in some of the eyes of other insurance companies. For example, if you have Progressive, MetLife will not take you.

Unless you are very familiar with insurance and coverage's, I would google "independent insurance agent in Little Elm TX" and go thru one of them. They are contracted with many companies and can quote you the same coverage thru all of them and see who has the best rate. Some, such as myself, can quote Progressive for you also.

Hope this helps, good luck!



answers from New York on

I am a HUGE Geico fan and have had it for about 2 years. They help you get as many discounts as possible AND if you take an online defensive driving course (they have one linked up with GEICO) you can get another discount. I am a SAHM and took the course when I could-you can stop and start and when you are done, it automatically notifies GEICO for the discount. Do I sound like a commercial? Probably! But I am not working to stay home with my little girl and its the most affordable ins we found. The customer service is also pretty terrific.
Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I had Progressive and never had a problem (except they don't offer rental cars under your policy unless you have that added). I no longer have Progressive, I am through Hastings Mutual (I live in Ohio) and they were slightly cheaper than Progressive (my agent offers both) and I get a discount with my house and car insurance through the same company.



answers from Charlotte on



answers from Dallas on


I have had Farmers for 10 years since I started driving. My parents 20 years BUUTTTT I was paying $167 a month for full coverage and only 1 accident! (I am 26 and drive a 5yo loan car)

I got quotes from the following for the same EXACT coverage: Progressive, Statefarm, Geico, Nationwide, Fred Loya, Esurance, 21st Insurance, Allstate and who knows how many more.

They all were within $10 of what I had up or down. I wasn't going to change for just $10 a month UNTIL I got a quote from AAA!!!!

I am paying now $92 a month! Same exact coverage!! and I now have their awesome Roadside Assistance (they will bring a battery, tire, gas etc to you) if you drink they will tow you and one other person and your car up to 10 miles if you have had to much to drink. Also if you are in someone else's car and something happens you are covered too! So I am saving $75 a mo that is $900 a year!

I switch my renter's ins for my house to them and pay $7 a mo (farmers $8) but I have $30,000 coverage where farmers was only $10,000. I switch life ins (paid $12.10/mo for $75K with Farmers) and now have $100K with AAA for $11.35.

So for me I am saving between all insurances $921 a year. That is a lot toward student loan payoffs for me!

My mom, dad, brother and two friends have switched and are savings some serious $$$ as well!!

Call Chris Mallon (817/750-1493 - I am not sure if he can help you in his area but he can refer if not to a local rep. Tell him E. Cronin sent you. Can't hurt to have a free quote!

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