CAR Cleaning HELP!!

Updated on August 12, 2011
M.P. asks from Sarasota, FL
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I LOVE my Kids but they are the messiest kids in the Planet! OK maybe an exaggeration but if not THe messiest.. maybe runners up!LOL!

i refuse to pay 150$$ to have my car cleaned on the inside.. Any products that are good to clean the seats (fabric) and the carpets for Cars??

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Get a small shop vac if you don't already have one. Mix a bucket of warm water and some laundry detergent. Use a soft (plastic type) bristle brush to scrub the seats and carpet then suck up excess water with the shop vac. Works like a charm and smells good too! Then I use Armor All for anything plastic - dash, etc

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answers from Omaha on

My hubby bought me a $150+ car detail for Mother's Day and it was the absolute BEST gift ever. Seriously, splurge... they have the tools, cleaning supplies, and folks who do an incredible job. It was the best treat ever in my opinion!

Otherwise, check out for auto detailing supplies.

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answers from Redding on

As a bonus, my boss got all our cars detailed. It was AWESOME! My car was a mess, not from kids, but I'd been hauling hay and a bunch of stuff and the inside of my car was like brand new when they got done with it.
The place my boss used didn't charge $150, but I think it's well worth that price. Detailers have every trick in the book for removing stains, sticky stuff, etc.
I would pay the money and try to keep your car clean afterwards. I have kids so I know it's hard to do, but mine weren't allowed to eat and have drinks unless we were on a road trip. The spills are inevitable.
I just think the money is worth it so you can start off with things nice and clean and do some maintenance yourself once a week.
Once it gets to a certain point, you might as well let the pros handle it and give you a head start on keeping things clean afterwards.

Just my opinion.

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answers from Seattle on

I am so glad these people are telling you to get your car detailed because my husband is a detailer!!! HA!
I will tell you that all of the products that he uses are special ordered through a company and not available to the general public. You have to be a company, with a number, in order to buy it.
My suggestion would be to have your car INTERIOR detailed (which my husband would normally charge about $80). The $150 should be for your whole car to be washed, vacuumed, carpets cleaned, tire resin, buff, wax...the whole nine yards. If you just get the interior it should not be as much. Then, once it's done, enlist your children in helping to keep it clean. Bringing their things in every day (my kids have a bazillion toys in my car), maybe stop eating in the car for a while. It's the best $80 you will spend, I guarantee it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We had some major work done on our car at a Chevy dealership. They were hurting for business. We had our car detailed at the dealership for $9.95 (not a typo. It was less than $10). They did a wonderful job ! !

If you look on the internet you can find places for $25 or less.

Good luck to you and yours

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answers from Dallas on

I have an auto detailer who works at out in the parking lot of our country club. I had my car detailed and waxed for $65 (I tipped $20). I don't have kids in my car, I drive a luxury sports convertible 2 seater but it looks great after these guys detail. A regular wash/detail is $20 (plus tip)

Our high end malls have detailers who wash and detail cars while you are shopping. I haven't tried those.

We also have some very nice detailers, more pricey, that run your car through the non touch wash area then detail. I can't do that because my wheels and tires are so low, the rollers on the track scratch my wheels so after paying $100 to fix the wheel scratches, I don't go through any automatic. I only use a detailer with power washer.

DO IT.... you'll feel so much better and it is such a treat.

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answers from Fort Myers on

Before I sold my last car, i went and spent about $30 at autozone to buy upholstery and carpet cleaner. Took a couple hours to do everything but it was so clean! I shoudl have done it sooner, so i could have enjoyed it!

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answers from Dallas on

Mequiars is the best. They have cloth cleaner etc, Can get a Target, Walmart etc.

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answers from Philadelphia on

You will feel like you have a new car after having your car professionally detailed. It is really worth it IMO. L



answers from Cleveland on

we use a carpet cleaner and the soap for it ours has a hose for spills and we use it on the car



answers from Mayaguez on

There's a foam called Tuff Stuff, and it's great. You apply it, let it sit 30 seconds or so, scrub with a brush, and wipe out with a moist clean cloth. Works on both seats and carpet.



answers from Philadelphia on

It's expensive but so worth it. I had the grossest car in the universe, got the detailing done when it was on sale (yes, around $150) and it's like having a new car. I say throw money at the problem. :0)

Check Groupon in your area for deals on detailing---I've seen lots of good ones on there.

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