Car Bumper Repair, Insurance Question

Updated on November 03, 2008
M.K. asks from Boston, MA
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Hi moms,

Someone backed into my parked car in the grocery store lot, denting the front bumper. I have two questions I'm hoping some of you can help me with:

- Whoever did this didn't leave any contact/insurance information. Do I make a claim to my own insurance company? If I do, can this raise my premium? Are there reasons to make a claim if the repair doesn't cost more than the deductible?

- Can anyone recommend a good auto body repair shop in the Chelmsford area?


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If the repair does not cost more than your deductable, or even slightly more I would not make a claim. It depends on the insurance company, but some will raise your premiums or some will lower your safe driver points even if you weren't with the car. Just my opinion.

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Hi M.,

Hopefully I can give you some advice, I work in MA for a insurance company. Yes you can make a claim with your insurance company and it will not make an increase in your insurance. The only thing is you are responsible for your deductible. So there will be no increase in your premium. This is for MA insurance only. If you are from another state it could change your premium but I am assuming since you are looking for a body shop in Chelmsford your are from MA. Also there are two places I can recommand one would be A+ auto body in Drum Hill, the other is CarStar in Lowell, MA both have always done a great job and wonderful customer service. Good Luck and if you need anything else please let me know and I can help.

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My suggestion is to go to a few auto body places and get a quote. They always give free quotes and then you can make a decision to see if it is more than your deductible or not. Also, I know some insurance compamy's do raise your fees and others do not. You can always call them and ask what their policy is without actually filling a claim.
I recommend Phase 2 Autobody in Westford. It is a family business and the owner will not release any car until it is "perfect". His name is Jim and you can tell him I sent you there. He has fixed many of my cars and he has been a family friend for years. He does the best job at repairs that I have ever seen and I will not go anywhere else. His number is ###-###-####. He is also right off of route 40 so it is very close to you. If you do use your insurance company he can help you arrange them to pay him directly also so it is very easy.
Good Luck!

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Hi M.!
Make a claim...chances are the repair may be greater than your deductible...I had my bumper done in the spring (someone rear ended me and fortunately I did get who it was) but just for the bumper alone with paint and labor the repair was over $800...on a Ford Escort and luckily that was all the work I needed. (the gentleman who hit me was not as lucky -- his car was totalled). unfortunately, i don't know of anyone in the Chelmsford area
Good luck
M. M

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