Capri Juice Containers Allowed in Carry on Flying Domestic

Updated on May 20, 2014
M.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
13 answers

This is our first flight with our son who is 6 yo. I need to pack capri juice packs for him, do they allow this on plane - carry on? pls let me know if you have experience with this thanks

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THanks Moms, I will not bring the capri juice, not worth the hassle. Thanks again!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I've carried them on with younger kids, but they may not allow it since he's 6. The flights have water and juice.

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answers from Dallas on

No you cannot take those through security.

Buy some flavored water or juice AFTER you go through security for the flight. Does he "have" to have Capri Sun? You will have plenty of options in the airport shops. Part of the fun for a little one is to go to the shops for a special drink, treat, etc. Another part of the fun for a youngster is getting a drink on the plane as well.

I don't recall seeing Capri Sun specifically available when we fly and we fly often. If you "have" to have Capri Sun, stop at a store after your flight so you can have it while on your trip.

I see this is your first flight with him, is it your first flight as well? Don't over think things. Make an adventure of it and he will love it.

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answers from Lakeland on

No, they will make you throw them away at the security check point. Most will only allow infant formulas/breast milk or baby food as long as they are sealed.

No liquids of any kind and no gels. I wouldn't even put them into your checked bags unless you want the bags held up for scanning or searching.

Most stores in the airports have a variety of drinks and other things that you may need.

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answers from Rochester on

Nope. You would need to buy them after you go through security. No liquids or gels at all over 4 oz. (unless you are flying with an infant)

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answers from Dallas on

Only if you buy them after you go through security... You're gonna be forced to throw them away in the security line, so don't bother trying. Just plan to purchase drinks in the little shops after security or on the plane.

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answers from New York on

Easier to just get him water or juice or milk on the plane. Make life easier for yourself.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Nope. Even sealed containers can't go through-they have to be bought after the checkpoint.

Is there any particular reason you "need" Capri sun? They do sell plenty of drinks after the security checkpoint. You may not be able to find the Capri sun, but there will be plenty of choices.

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answers from Washington DC on

Ask the airport, but I was able to bring a "reasonable amount" of juice with me in juice boxes for our 5 yr old. I showed them, still sealed up, to our TSA agent and as long as I clearly had just a few and had the child with me, it was fine. If the juice pouches are a no-go, try a juice box instead. We flew in April to Puerto Rico and had no problems. However, they would not have allowed a big water bottle or a thermos type cup. Bring what you can afford to throw away, but you may be fine. I also had kid ibuprofen in a small bottle that was greater than 3 oz. Some exceptions are made for medicine it the original containers.

Do not expect to bring a lot, though. Only enough for the flight.

ETA: If you cannot bring them, bring an empty water bottle and fill up when you get through security or ask the flight attendant if he/she could offer the kid juice on the early side. Sometimes they will.

Yes, the link says "toddler" but I didn't have a problem with my 5.5 yr old. I based our trip on that link. I did tell the OP that she needs to be ready to toss them if asked, but I think I brought 2 or 3 juice boxes and nobody blinked an eye when I said "they're for her". So she can try if she wants.



answers from Phoenix on

You could bring the little individual packets of drink powder and an empty bottle, then mix up a drink once you are through security, if you are worried about the cost.



answers from Seattle on

It can go either way honestly, but personally I would avoid the hassle.

Get him a reusable water bottle and take it through security empty, then fill it up at a fountain on the other side. Your other option would be to buy him drinks - but you are going to pay "airport prices".

Good luck.



answers from Houston on

No they do not. There are several places in airports to purchase juice after you go through security. Bring an empty bottle and then you can put it in that. Enjoy your trip!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm with everyone else with 'no'. I bring empty sippy cups, and buy a bottle of juice after I go through security.

The link the person posted below is for infants and toddlers. I don't think the TSA will quality a 6 year old as a toddler.



answers from New York on

No - they are 6 oz. and you are only allowed to carry liquid items that are 4oz and under. Buy him a drink after security.

You can put them in your suitcase if you want - just be sure to put them in double zip-locks with a towel around them in case of a puncture. But best to buy them at your destination.

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