Can't We Just Catch a Break!?

Updated on March 05, 2012
M.B. asks from Clearwater, FL
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I just wanna SCREAM! As if being bipolar isn't hard enough on my poor little guy, his pysch thinks he may have a seizure issue or tourettes that cause his stuttering! Seriously?! She said there's inconsistent patterns in the speech and he blinks and jerks when he does it, and it doesn't happens all the time. So I have to take him to a neurologist.'s just hard having all this stuff piled on my son. I feel Soooo bad for him cause he takes it all in stride, and even yesterday I was crying after his appointment and he came to me gave me a hug and said "mommy don't cry, it will be ok...and your beautiful" it's moments like that melt my heart and make me see that everything will be ok. Thanks for listening :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the positive words:) I know with everything he's been through from the day he was born he's going to be something great in life! He's not the kind of person that's going to let any challenge get in his way! I guess what I struggle with is not being able to protect him from the world.
I should add it's not the stuttering that concerns her it's the way he's doing it. She explained if it was a speech issue. It would be more consistent and have pattern where my sons is all over the place.

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Hi M.,
I have a few family members who stutter and when they are stuck on particular words they blink and kind of jerk their heads when they are trying to get the word they are saying out. Hopefully its not what the psych says.

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No advice from me....sorry. I am sorry that you are having a rough time though...can't even imagine this. Good luck with the neuro.

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Wow, your son sounds brave and sweet. I'm sure all his doctors appreciate his good attitude. Hang in there.

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You're a mom who loves her child very much. That's why you feel his pain so intensely. With a mom that loves him so much, your little boy is destined for greatness! Continue to be strong for your son. Hang tough, Mama!

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Did you watch American Idol? Doesn't James have turrets and something else? I forget. Anyway, he is adorable. Just imagine your little one being a grown up guy, handsome & perfect in every way. Encourage him to rise up and be all he can be and that's a lot.

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Awww, your son is right, it WILL be ok, and you ARE beautiful!

You'll get through it together.


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Aw, what a sweetheart! Wouldn't it be great if we could just erase all of the nonsense from their lives and make it perfect...sigh. He sounds like a perfect angel that is going to deal with anything put in front of him JUST FINE! We all have our challenges and worries, but these little guys keep showing us/parents that they will conquer all...and they do! Sending you a hug. XO

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Your son sounds like such a sweet and loving L. boy! I am so sorry that you are going thru this with the Psych...make sure you get a 2nd opinion if you can. My daughter studdered for about a year and FINALLY, it stopped. She too would blink and keep her eyes closed for a second while she got that last word (thats he was stuck on) out. Hug and kiss your son every chance you get...reading your post made me want to hug the two of you! Everything will be okay and like he are beautiful. Keep doing all you can for your son and be his voice always.

Best of luck to you both for your neurologist appt.


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:0) out of desperation, I opened up to a few moms in real life. I found out that all the families have at least one child struggling with something.
i was shocked. some seemed to have it all together and to have every advantage in the world.
He has YOU which gives him the chance to overcome.
still, it is not fair for little ones to have to deal with it.



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He's not taking risperidone by any chance, is he? One of the side effects of that is tardive diskinasia (sp) - which is stuttering, jerking, etc. Just a thought. Sorry you and your family are struggling - I know how hard things like this are.


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The Stuttering Foundation at may be helpful to you if he continues stuttering.

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