Can't View Olympics with Our Rabbit Ears!!

Updated on August 12, 2008
B.R. asks from Carrollton, TX
4 answers

I can't afford cable so we have rabbit ears that cost about $25....... We don't get NBC, which was never a problem until the Olympics -----does anyone know if a more expensive set of rabbit ears would increase our chances of viewing Olympics?
we live in Carrollton, near Marchant/Huffines and 121..... in case that matters...

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answers from Dallas on

Hey B.,

You seem to have internet access. Worst case scenario, you could always just go to and see if they have any live streams or just check and see who's won what.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

This may not help with getting the olympics in, but have you sent for your digital converter box vouchers yet? If not, you should do it! We got 2 digital converter boxes & with the $40 voucher, they ended up costing about $10 ea. The picture you get on the TV is crystal clear, plus you get a few additional channels that aren't available thru the antenna alone.....also, if you don't get the converter boxes before next february, you will no longer receive any channels thru the antenna anyway.

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answers from Dallas on

I suggest going to radio shack and seeing what they say...

A. J

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answers from Dallas on

When we lived in Allen, we put an antenna in our attic; that really improved our reception. But you really should get a converter box. You'll need it by Feb. anyway and it sounds like that improves your reception as well.

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