Candy Themed Birthday

Updated on May 06, 2012
M.S. asks from Brooktondale, NY
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My 9 year old daughter wants to have a candy themed birthday and that is a kind of hard theme!!! I'm trying to find songs, games, and IDEAS!

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So What Happened?

I love the "Candy Shoppe" idea!

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answers from Dallas on

Create a candy shop. The party favors can be the big all day lollipops, or give the kids each a bag and let them fill it up from glass jars you fill with dfferent kind of candy - like a candy counter. You could collect glass jars from around the house and fill them with wrapped or loose candies and label each jar. Little scoops are cute, too, and you can probably get them at Target or a party store. A cute cake would be a candy land board game or they could even play candyland. I know they are generally too old for that game, but it might be fun. For decorations, you can make big lollipops out of poster board, or get sytrofoam circles and wrap them with cellophane to look like candies and hang them from the ceiling. Search online for ideas for candy party. I had a Ice Cream Shoppe party for my daughter and got some good ideas on line.

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answers from Medford on

Have the movie Willy Wonka playing on tv.. Let them play Candyland with a speed timer going so its more fun.Or make a giant candyland game with paper on the floor and make them be the playing pieces. It doesnt have to be Christmas to make gingerbread houses with graham crackers and royal icing and lots of candy to decorate. Maybe they can have a fun cooking time and make a simple candy. Melt chocolate and mix with nuts and mini marshmallows and drop on a cookie sheet to harden. Sprinkle with candy decos before it hardens. Any traditional game can be modified to use candy as the markers or whatever. And decorate with candies made from cardboard or poster board. Get big jars and fill with candy. The candy shoppe idea is cute. Be sure each guest goes home with a new toothbrush! Sounds fun instead of the typical super hero, or princess party.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How fun! I did a Harry Potter themed party last year and made tons of homemade candy as treats in our "Honeydukes" shop, white chocolate Hedwig owl suckers, Acid pops, chocolate frogs sprinkled with edible gold dust, wands of pretzel sticks with the tips dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and lots more. Even the adults were impressed!

I found a link that seems to be what your looking for, with games, a sweet shoppe and menu ideas:

Music suggestions: The Candy Man, Big Rock Candy Mountain, The Good Ship Lollipop (a la Shirley Temple,) Sugar, Sugar (The Archies,) My Boy Lollipop...and the soundtrack from the original Willy Wonka:

Have fun : )

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answers from Milwaukee on

There is that "Candy Man" song. You could use ideas from Willy Wonka. Love Twoprincesses idea for cardboard lollypops and giant wrapped candies. Also love the candy bar idea.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Put out clear (hard to break) glass vases filled w/candy & a mini scooper.
(you can put in M&M's, jelly beans etc).

Buy a few big, huge lollipops, stick in painted styrofoam as table top

Play Candyland

Paint a tree on a huge cardboard, lean against wall, poke holes in tree, stick lollipops (Dum dums) in holes, kids try to ring the lollipop for a prize.
You can use those rings people use for embroidery.

Have little plastic bags for them to fill from the candy jars to take home as

You can decorate your kitchen or outside like a Candyland.

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answers from Bellingham on

How about theming it like Honeydukes Sweet Shop from Harry Potter?

We had a Harry Potter themed party with cockroach clusters (nutty chocolates), sherbet lemons, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, butterbeer, chocolate frogs etc. It was so much fun!

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answers from Chicago on

I want candy
Tutti Fruitie
on the good ship lolly pop
the candy man
candy girl

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answers from Las Vegas on

How fun!!! Well Candy man and every version of Happy Birthday come to mind. Maybe Van Halen - Ice cream man. It can be difficult for that age because the message behind the music, however, there should be a good variety of music.

For the displays, lucite candy bins, scoopers, poke-a-dot bags, pinatas, & candy apples. They may be too old for pinatas, but what better way of having a candy party is there? I would go for it, unless your daughter is opposed. Oh, don't forget the guess how many candies are in this jar game.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Go to Etsy and type "candy birthday party"



answers from Los Angeles on

We just went to a party at a candy shop and it was really fun! They had a life-sized Candy Land-style game. There were squares on the ground with different pictures of candy on them and they rolled very large dice with the same candies on them to determine which square to move to. The winner got a free pound of candy.

They also had a jelly bean tasting contest. Each kid got two pill boxes (the kind with a different compartment for each day of the week) with a jelly bean in each compartment. They had a list of the 14 flavors and had to match the flavor to the numbered compartment.

There was a scavenger hunt through the candy store where they had to find 10 different candies.

Here is a link to the candy shop if you want more ideas:



answers from Phoenix on

Wow! Invite me, I love candy!
Just make sure the kids invited are not sugar free kids. I gave a cookie to a neighbor's kid and she gave me a stare and said her son doesn't eat sweets at all.

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